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Still running like a well-oiled machine

Like their top-quality fleet, Equipment World’s divisions work together like a well-oiled machine. Every department depends on each other to keep Equipment World moving forward. This cohesion has been their recipe for success over the past 40 years.

Like their top-quality fleet, Equipment World’s divisions work together like a well-oiled machine. Every department depends on each other to keep Equipment World moving forward. 

This cohesion has been their recipe for success over the past 40 years. There are many departments/divisions within the company. This ‘small business’ thinks big. The people behind the company work in Accounting and Administration, Human Resources, Rentals, Service, Parts, Training, Sales, Marketing, Shipping and Construction. Equipment World has become the company it is today because each department and employee has been a valuable part of the machine.

Equipment World’s rental division is very selective about the market it pursues by specializing in material handling and lift equipment. 

“Our fleet currently consists of over 400 units ranging from aerial lifts, forklifts, pallet trucks, contractor lifts, and other equipment such as jib booms, hoppers, carts and anything else that is complementary to this specialized market,” says Steve Vares, Rental Equipment Manager for Equipment World Thunder Bay. Vares says, “At Equipment World we don’t consider ourselves a full-line rental house. Every unit in the rental fleet is a current, well-maintained model, guaranteeing the highest productivity and greatest safety to the user. We are primarily focused on being a new equipment dealer for companies such as Toyota, Load Lifter, Genie, Skyjack, Gehl, Wacker Neuson and other major lines. This allows us to work with both direct customers and other rental houses in our area by providing new equipment sales and sub-rentals to them. In order to maintain a good working relationship we have chosen not to compete directly in their areas of expertise such as compressors, generators, hand tools and other consumer products.” 

It is a formula that seems to work as the company has significantly grown their fleet over the years. Another advantage they offer as a company is sharing resources company-wide. Vares continues, “As needs arise and customer demands change, we are able to transfer equipment throughout the North to service the needs of our division locations.”

Keeping the workplace safe is as important to Equipment World as it is to their customers. Further to the commitment for safe operators with their extensive Safety Training Division, Equipment World’s service departments also have factory-trained mechanical technicians, who offer lifting and other device inspections, emission testing with a carbon monoxide exhaust analysis and hydraulic load testing. Technicians are factory trained and highly qualified. 

Their specialized skills and resources are shared between division locations and departments of the company. Some industry specific customer services include scheduled Preventative Maintenance service, mandatory mast inspections, emissions testing and operator and mechanical safety training. Other services include 24-hour dispatching, computerized tracking of all work orders and repairs and fleet maintenance.

“We believe strongly in providing service above and beyond simple maintenance and repair by investing in training for all our technicians. 

This allows us to completely look out for our customers’ best interests and ensures great value throughout our mechanical departments company-wide,” says Dennis Ukrainec, Corporate Service Manager in Thunder Bay. An example of this training initiative is provided through Toyota’s Material Handling Institute (TMHI). 

Toyota’s training programs consist of both in-class and on-line mandatory training modules in which all technicians must enroll. Components of the training consist of preventative maintenance, engine, chassis, drive train, material handling, hydraulic systems, SAS, electrical theory and systems. “Currently we have eight Toyota Master Bronze mechanics and our senior Mechanic, Lloyd Elliot, is a Toyota Certified Trainer also. This allows Equipment World to conduct in-house Toyota certified training to all of our mechanics on a local level,” states Ukrainec.

“Having a trainer on staff is much more convenient for everyone, as the new training facilities have moved, in the past few years, from central Canada to Columbus, Indiana in the USA.” 

Of paramount importance to every customer, whether the customer is in the pulp and paper industry, mining, or in the industrial sector, is equipment that is in top-notch condition. Equipment World Inc. can provide top-quality mechanical services, both in-shop and on job sites using mobile facilities. 

"With 16 fully equipped, mobile service vans across the area, we can provide emergency call-out response 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Ukrainec. "We do minor tune-ups to major overhauls and rebuilds." Service is provided for any products sold or leased by the company including forklifts, pallet trucks, loading-dock equipment, elevating docks, scissor lifts and booms, skid steers, reach trucks and electric stackers. Contract service, backup service, preventative maintenance programs and maintenance leases are available. 

"Leasing is a big part of our business now," says Rob Andreychuk, Account Manager. "With major equipment, at least 70 per cent of our sales are now leases. Full Maintenance Leases let the customer do what they do best, without the problem of maintaining the equipment. Any products or systems we sell can qualify for leasing programs, not just mobile equipment."

The service and rentals departments work closely. As well as providing short- and long-term rental solutions, Equipment World enters into many long-term leases with maintenance contracts included. In the event of maintenance leases, all equipment is maintained by in-house certified mechanical technicians who are on call 24 hours, seven days a week, with 16 fully-equipped mobile vans across the North. 

By subcontracting out the service along with leasing equipment, the customer ensures new equipment and proactive maintenance as opposed to 'crisis repairs' resulting in potential downtime. 

"It allows us to follow the recommended maintenance schedules, manage any warranty issues and ensures equipment recalls or updates are completed in a timely manner," says Ukrainec. 

This is just one more way Equipment World provides a comprehensive package to their client base.

The parts and service departments have an intrinsic relationship. The parts department within each division of Equipment World is considered to be the backbone of the company. 

"One of the strengths of our company is the full, comprehensive parts division at each location; we carry parts for all makes of equipment in our industry," says JP Brisson, Parts Manager in Sudbury. 

This division specializes in innovative thinking, and concentrates on the safety and wellbeing of the operators and maintenance people using the equipment. 

"We provide after-market products which enhance safety and productivity for our clients," he adds. 

The company carries a wide range of parts, with over 70,000 SKUs in their inventory system and access to hundreds of thousands of part numbers through various OEM and aftermarket suppliers. 

"We represent the top parts suppliers in North America. Our relationship with these suppliers has grown over the years to the point where we are becoming the largest single specialized parts supplier in Northern Ontario." 

To enhance their efficiency, they make use of high-density storage such as the Rousseau drawer systems they sell and through efficient inventory control measures. "Our parts department works hard to support not just our end user customers, but also a host of other service repair companies in our area," says Brisson. "We are considered a very strong parts wholesaler."

With an extensive staff of outside sales people, Equipment World has divided up Northern Ontario by geographical area. 

"Each Territory Account Manager travels throughout Northern Ontario to their designated areas on a regular basis. This ensures all of our customers have the opportunity to meet with our team in person,” says Heather Syvitski, Corporate Marketing Director. 

Every account manager routinely receives updated product training from suppliers and each person has an area of expertise that they are passionate about. “There is a real team approach by our sales staff," she explains. 

"The areas of responsibility, including who specializes in which products, are shared among our outside sales staff at each location, as well as our in-house sales personnel who provide a support network to them." 

The knowledge and experience of the staff has greatly contributed to the company's growth in sales and marketing. “Our sales people work with a diverse range of customers including primary and secondary industries; forestry, mining, industrial, farming, freight management, material handling, educational, institutional, and commercial industries as well as private and retail customers.” 

Syvitski continues, “Because they have a broad understanding of many different businesses, they are able to provide innovative solutions that could be ‘out of the box’ for their industry. We built our business and still specialize in material-handling equipment but we focus on our customers’ needs and then find an appropriate solution.”

Equipment World knows what it takes to keep not only Equipment Machinery, but also their own company running smoothly. Each department and every employee within is an important part of the operation, and with their vision, determination and teamwork this company is well positioned to keep running for another few decades.