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Digital or print, a little something for everyone

Equipment World has come a long way since they started their website, , over a decade ago.
Equipment World has come a long way since they started their website,, over a decade ago.

Equipment World has come a long way since they started their website,, over a decade ago.

The website has undergone a few facelifts and function changes but it has remained a go-to source for product information, vendor/supplier links, news articles, sale flyers, job postings, training course and event date information and more. 

Something the company has integrated in the past five years is posting its printed product catalogues in PDF and interactive magazine viewer format. They are proud to announce they have just launched a fully interactive and accurate online product catalogue this March. 

 “This online catalogue features search capabilities by brand name and product type/category for over 45,000 Material Handling, Safety, Welding, Metalworking, Office Supplies and Industrial Products,” says Heather Syvitski, Corporate Marketing Director. “Customers can browse the catalogue that shows current stock at our main warehousing facility and most current list prices. Customers can then call any of our locations or sales people to request a quote or to place an order. They can also complete a quick online inquiry form. We should have a fully integrated online e-commerce shopping cart working within one year. We are taking small steps to ensure this process will work effectively for both our customers and employees.” 

For those customers who still like to have a printed catalogue to flip through or reference quickly, Equipment World has a few options to choose from. Syvitski continues, “We have a Material Handling Catalogue, a Safety Products Catalogue, a Parts and Accessories catalogue featuring Lift Truck products and our most comprehensive ‘Big Book’ catalogue that has 1,664 pages of a wide variety of products that we can source. We still invest in printed materials as we feel they remain an important support tool that customers appreciate.”
The company website is constantly being updated and upgraded to function better.

For companies interested in rentals, leases and purchases of heavy equipment such as forklifts, aerial work platforms (scissors and booms), excavators and skid steers, customers can quickly browse the Equipment Inventory section of the site and see what merchandise is available. 

"We wanted to offer customers a way to virtually view our inventory available at all our division locations. The Equipment Inventory tab allows customers to view the various pieces of equipment that can be purchased, rented or leased and allows us to reserve units for future use and better utilize our resources," says Syvitski. They also have a dedicated section on their website which includes a port­folio of installed projects by the Equip­ment World team featuring an array of products such as folding doors, metal lockers, washroom partitions, demount­able walls and many storage shelving options. 

Syvitski states, “This section is constantly evolving as exciting new projects are posted regularly.” 

In addition to the main website, the company has a solid presence with Social Media. Equipment World can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, You Tube, and more. “Follow or Like us to be informed of upcoming events, featured or new products and more.

With such a vast selection of suppliers to choose from and their multiple product information resources, we can easily share and post videos, etc. with our customers,” says Syvitski. "We are continually trying to demon­strate our innovative solutions concept with everything we do. We want to ensure our website remains both exciting and effective.”