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Business Growth: ALS Environmental

ALS Environmental is the only local, full-service analytical laboratory in northwestern Ontario.

ALS Environmental has been operating in Thunder Bay since 1996 and is proud to be the only local, full-service analytical laboratory in northwestern Ontario. 

The laboratory started with a staff of just four employees and has grown to over 40.  Some original staff members still work at the lab today as technicians, supervisors and managers.  

Our employees’ dedication to ALS is one of our key strengths. They work hard and methodically to ensure your results are accurate and on time. 

As we all live and breathe in this local economy, we understand the importance of strong roots in the area.  Our local staff continues to grow as we hire students from Lakehead University and Confederation College, providing a great career path for graduates and students in Thunder Bay.  

Our highly trained analysts specialize in the testing requirements needed to meet all necessary regulatory requirements. 

Our continued growth is thanks to the clients and residents that call the North their home. We strive to create and maintain strong partnerships with the First Nations communities, by working together developing the North.  Many of the towns and districts in Northern Ontario are rooted in mining, forestry, pulp and paper. We are committed to servicing those industries that drive the North. 

ALS has remained the laboratory of choice for mines, municipalities, government agencies, consultants and engineering firms across the North by consistently providing accurate, reliable testing results.  

Thank you to all the communities, companies and clients that have helped ALS Thunder Bay grow.

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