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Building more efficient businesses, one shelf at a time

Even though the shingle reads Equipment World, the business focus remains simple: to provide a solutions-oriented methodology to each customer.

Even though the shingle reads Equipment World, the business focus remains simple: to provide a solutions-oriented methodology to each customer. 

Equipment World offers a diverse approach to material handling, storage, packaging, safety and maintenance products for industrial, mining, commercial and institutional applications. 

Through customized consultations, coupled with expert design, layout and installation, customers have a plethora of options available to suit their needs. Whether a company is considering expansion, improving efficiencies or addressing ergonomic concerns within existing facilities, Equipment World provides input from project inception through to completion. 

They often work with building designers, engineers and architects to ensure original design specifications are best suited to meet both the customer’s needs and current day industry compliance. Ernie Ukrainec, Corporate Manager of Equipment World’s construction division, says, "We are Space Efficiency Experts. Our objective is to focus on the best solutions within our wide area of expertise including construction speciality products and services we can offer throughout a building, from the rear loading door through to the front office.” 

Ukrainec is Equipment World's veteran employee, having started working for the company in 1979.

The construction division provides support to the sales division, with on-site evaluation surveys, and expert computer CAD layout and design capabilities for projects of all sizes, providing full turnkey project management. Equipment World provides innovative solutions which make the workplace safer and more functional. 

Examples include loading-dock equipment, material-handling equipment, pallet racking and shelving, ergonomic workstations, space-saving mezzanines, high-speed doors, safety guard rails, anti-fatigue matting, office workstations, and high-density mobile shelving systems for record storage. Equipment World has accumulated over 40,000 square feet of combined warehouse space at its three facilities in Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, and Sudbury. 

Shelves are stocked with an array of sales equipment and parts, each catering to their ever-expanding niche of clientele. They are committed not only to stocking product locally at each location, but also providing local installation, training and repair service on everything they sell.

As a testament to their dedication, Equipment World has invested in the training and implementation of certified rack inspectors at each location. Under regulations instituted by the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Health and Safety Act, this ensures their customers receive expert guidance to help them meet the ever stringent and ever-changing regulations. According to Lyle Knudsen, “The SafeRack certification accreditation allows our company to provide fully documented inspections and audits within our customers’ facilities to ensure they are maintaining a safe workplace as required under the stringent guidelines of Bill C-45.” They can also provide training services to qualify their customers. A certified SafeRack inspector allows a company to have in-house representatives to conduct ongoing audits within their plants and facilities.

Full-time construction estimators are available to conduct accurate take-offs from the blueprints of any project, and the company's installation teams are highly trained and fully equipped to tackle any job. Products designed, supplied, and installed include shelving, mezzanines, loading-dock equipment, wire mesh partitions, lockers, and architectural products such as washroom partitions and accessories. 

With the focus on value-added service, presentation quality has been a huge component of the technical drawing portfolios now being generated by the many fresh faces within the construction department. 

Evolution toward high-end software programs and scheduling are only a few of the initiatives introduced within the past few years. As well, a conscious decision was made to seek out superior graduates from architectural and engineering programs in order to evolve the department capabilities. 

“Detailed and complete drawings are mandatory when offering any customer a solution-based recommendation,” says Cameron McLeod. 

Cameron is a graduate from the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technologist program at Confederation College and is currently heading the technical sales and construction department at the Sudbury division. 

“The information provided must be clear, concise and outline the true benefits that can easily be relayed to those reviewing and making decisions.” 

With the knowledge comprehension these experts provide along with new technologies being adapted from computerization and vendor manufacturing, they have been able to produce complete and intelligent proposals in as little as 24 hours. 

Local architects and project managers know Equipment World through their long-term membership in local and regional construction associations and have come to rely on them for many product specifications and applications.

Equipment World has done many unique and interesting installations. Some of the specialized ones include complete underground warehouse systems, gym divider curtains, electronic scoreboards, bleachers, large projection screens, hanging mine dry baskets, vented mining lockers, oversized athletic equipment lockers, electric charging station lockers, conveyors, retail display shelving and showcases, and custom dock and door equipment. 

With highly trained and fully equipped installation teams, the construction division serves a diverse array of clients including small shops, large warehouses, automobile dealerships, farms, schools, hospitals, office buildings, paper mills and mines.

In recent years, Equipment World has been awarded and successfully accomplished some notable projects in various areas such as Indonesia, South Carolina, Florida, British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and all across Ontario.

 "Over the years we have provided complete turnkey design, supply and installation in coordination with various Canadian and U.S. manufacturers including shelving, racking, structural mezzanines, in-plant modular offices and more,” states Ukrainec. “We have faced many interesting and exciting challenges with this division, but it has become an ever expanding part of our business. We love new project opportunities and are always researching new products and suppliers to be able to adapt to changing market demands.” 

Ukrainec continues, “We have even been able to help design custom products with our manufacturers to solve some unique product application requests.”

How do you put a value on space? Wait until you run out of it. Northern Ontario Equipment World’s Space Efficiency Experts have provided and installed a variety of storage and shelving solutions. Whether it is adding in-drawer dividers, custom tool markers, modifying lockers, increasing the number of shelves or rows of racking, they are constantly helping businesses become more effective and efficient with their space.