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Building community

The term community and the philosophy of sharing common values run deep with each individual at Equipment World. For many years the employees have been involved extensively with numerous events and organizations throughout Northern Ontario.

The term community and the philosophy of sharing common values run deep with each individual at Equipment World. For many years the employees have been involved extensively with numerous events and organizations throughout Northern Ontario. 

Equipment World is also supportive of secondary and post-secondary education co-op programs, and hosts in-house co-op training programs. As well, the company has established bursaries at Confederation College and Lakehead University. As a good corporate citizen, Equipment World supports local charities, youth organizations, sports teams and fundraisers. 

“We believe strongly in giving back to the community,” says Lucy Belanger, Comptroller.

As a group, Equipment World has participated in numerous fundraising events, volunteer projects or sponsorships. Sometimes these events have even created some friendly competition between the three division locations. 

Some of these recipient events and organizations include the Thunder Bay Shelter House Corporate Relay, Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life, Motorcycle Ride for Dad, Thunder Bay Dragon Boat Festival, a variety of Rotary Clubs, the Lakehead Search and Rescue, Precious Bundles Children’s Clothing Assistance Program, The Children’s Aid Society, various Kiwanis Clubs, Christmas Cheer, the Heart & Stroke Big Bike event and various Little League and Rep Baseball events including the Port Arthur Nationals, Thunder Bay Lakers and Team North, a U15 team composed of boys from across Northern Ontario, which represented Northern Ontario in the 2012 Ontario Summer Games.

Above all these contributions are many employees who are active members with a variety of associations dedicated to making their city a better place to live. Several individuals hold positions on volunteer committees and boards. 

Some of them include the Confederation College Foundation, the Thunder Bay Shelter House, Youth Employment Services, Thunder Bay Business Women’s Network, The Health Sciences Foundation (Thunder Bay), The Lakehead Shrine Club, The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, the Provincial Alliance Credit Union, Therapeutic Ride Algoma, various Knights of Columbus chapters, BondSlave MC, the Northwestern Ontario Sportsman Alliance (NOSA), Lakehead Area Local Citizens Committee for the Lakehead Forest, Fisheries Management - Zone 6 & 9 and the Dog River Matawin Citizen Advisory Committee. Our many dedicated individuals also take part with committees such as the Program Advisory Committee at Confederation College, Parent School Councils and Steering Committees at the School Board level, church organizations and more.

“When there is a call to action or a cause that needs our assistance, someone is always ready to jump in,” says Belanger. “There is especially a great deal of energy put forth when one of our own needs support. Take the 401 Project for example.”

The 401 Project was specific to the Rett Syndrome Foundation which conducts research to reverse the MeCP2 duplication syndrome, a very rare condition that affects as few as 200 boys throughout the world, one of which is the son of Sault Ste. Marie territory manager Nick Tier. 

“I am humbled and blessed with all the support we have received and the generosity extended by everyone,” said Tier. All employees came together and with the direction of division managers held a barbecue at each location which resulted in raising an amazing $17,000 for the foundation. 

Participants of the barbecue and donations alike poured in to support the cause. The influx of cash helped the foundation reach its goal in order to continue researching for a cure. “It was amazing to see such support, especially on a local level in Sault Ste. Marie for our son Lincoln and our family,” Tier continues. “More than anything we wanted to help spread the word about this rare condition that our son has and help the foundation meet its fundraising goals to continue with the much needed research.” Lyle Knudsen says, “The efforts put forth by our employees at each location are a real testament of the quality of people who work for us.”

Not all events hosted are to raise funds for charities. Chris Fillator, Sudbury Division Manager for the past five years, has held a summer bocce tournament that he extends to family, friends, work peers and business associates alike. Chris first tackled the event on request from his father-in-law and a fun afternoon has now turned into a round-robin tournament for up to 100 participants. 

Fillator receives the majority of organizational assistance from his wife and sisters. “It’s about bringing together friends and family to enjoy in a fun day,” says Fillator. He takes pleasure in seeing the success of his event and plans on continuing for many more years to come. “It builds great community among us all and I get great satisfaction from it.”

No matter which way you turn, there seems to be an Equipment World employee actively involved in a variety of events and associations dedicated to making it a better place to live. A common trait that is evident in all they do.