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Architectural and design solutions

There is no room for error when it comes to client relationships. They are built on trust earned through positive and conclusive results of projects done right and on time.

There is no room for error when it comes to client relationships. They are built on trust earned through positive and conclusive results of projects done right and on time. Not just once, but through proven success over and over again, and year after year.

PBK Architects Inc. has built its reputation on this.

Expertise and experience are its calling cards.

The firm is backed by the extensive professional power of its strategic parent company, GENIVAR, affording PBK the ability to offer solutions to any client’s most complex problems. Montreal-based GENIVAR is one of the world’s leading professional services firms, working with governments, businesses, architects and planners to provide integrated solutions across many building disciplines.

With Northern Ontario offices in Greater Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay, PBK Architects work with clients from start to finish on projects to ensure work proceeds smoothly.

“We can be the go-to people for any project,” PBK's Timmins Office Manager, Neil McVicar, said. “It’s about establishing strong client relationships. Clients want someone they can count on. Where there is trust and they know the quality of work, and when things need to get done, they get done. We are creating relationships where clients can come to us for any number of building-related solutions. We can help from the planning aspect right through to the construction.”

Within GENIVAR, there are around 15,000 employees in more than 300 offices in 35 countries. This vast wealth of expertise and knowledge is at the fingertips of PBK Architects. It is available to be put to effective use for any client. Due to the fact PBK Architects can draw on a large group of seasoned professionals from across Canada, and the world if need be, no challenge is too big, regardless of location.

As part of the GENIVAR family, PBK also now offers a “one-stop shop” service for clients. In years past, as a project's primary consultant, PBK would retain an outside engineering firm. Now, it uses GENIVAR’s engineering expertise.

It gives client peace of mind knowing the project is in the capable hands of one firm.

PBK can tap into the experience other firms within the GENIVAR family of firms for specialists as well for a multitude of issues such as interior design, building codes or fire safety. PBK can stay within the overall company to source geotechnical or environmental engineers. It makes PBK well-rounded and well-suited for any problem that may come up.

These aspects have been huge advantages for PBK as it expands its markets and grows within the GENIVAR group. The firm's versatility serves as the ultimate resource tool for clients, which comes back to maintaining that foundation on which solid client-company relationships are built.

“We can put together a team of professionals to go after any project,” McVicar said. “We have a whole network of associates we can go to and get their experience for projects. Clients tend to prefer this. The client feels more confident. When we work with someone inhouse on a daily basis, there is that better level of communication. We are able to offer the assurance we are together as one for clients, providing a service they can rely on.”

With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Cornwall, PBK has attracted major national clients such as Target and McDonald’s. When the restaurant chain was doing its rebranding program, it settled on a firm with a national presence.

“They looked to a firm with offices across Canada so there was representation from province to province to have a local person dealing with local situations. It makes more sense,” McVicar said.

PBK will continue to expand its current offices and markets with an eye on making its mark in the mining industry.

“We are a firm people can come to with a problem to resolve,” McVicar said.