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Thunder Bay

Push for smoking bans continues (3/02)

Dryden City councillors could be voting on a smoke-free bylaw by this summer. The city's administration is working on it, Mayor Sid Wintle told delegates from the Healthy Dryden Coalition.

Groundwater project converts waste to resource (3/02)

By Michael Lynch The City of Thunder Bay has two water-quality projects that are on the leading edge of technology and innovation. One is brand new, and the other has been in place for several years.

Shipping companies face strike (12/01)

Unionized marine engineers aboard Great Lakes freighters took to the picket lines in late November as Canadian shipping companies scrambled to keep sailing.

Thunder Bay Telephone expands services (12/01)

As part of its business expansion plans, Thunder Bay Telephone has acquired the city Internet provider, Air Internet Canada Ltd.

Politics hinders Portside development (12/01)

By Ian Ross Political in-fighting at city hall has stalled the progress of Thunder Bay's multimillion-dollar Portside waterfront project.

Northern housing market stagnant (12/01)

By Ian Ross The housing market may be booming in Canada's urban centres, but it has dried up in Northern Ontario and rural Canada through a mass out-migration of young people, says the president of the Thunder Bay Home Builders' Ass

College restructures (12/01)

By Ross Muir A restructured management organization, a revamped distance education program, enhanced community partnerships and plans to offer ongoing training to northwestern Ontario's emergency services personnel are just four of the new e

Plans held off pending deregulation (12/01)

By Ian Ross The proponents of a new energy-producing plant in the works for Thunder Bay are waiting for the province to confirm this month whether a competitive electricity market will open this spring before proceeding with their plans.

Buchanan Group invests in sales call centre (12/01)

By Ken Sitter Customers may not know or appreciate it, but the Buchanan Group now has a state of the art communications system to serve them. Buchanan Lumber Sales Inc.

Local economy improves, business is better (12/01)

Twenty storefronts in the downtown area may not sound like a lot, but Cathy Quesnel, business development co-ordinator for Chukuni Business Development Corp. (BDC), says striving to keep an active downtown can be challenging.