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Incentives spark new beginnings for filmmakers

By NICK STEWART The face of cinema in the North has started to change in recent years, allowing greater opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers choosing to ply their craft within the region.

Laurentian’s Living with Lakes Centre on Ramsey

By Ian Ross Laurentian University wants Sudbury to be known not for its environmental devastation, but for its ecological recovery.

5 Great Places To Work

Northern Ontario has been fertile ground for expanding companies with a growing employee base. When one thinks of a great place to work, job flexibility, benefits, and events solidifying relationships come to the forefront.

Cementation Canada's open door philosophy attracts much desired skills

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Mining and energy companies across Canada are starting to feel the pinch of finding skilled and technical labour.

Engineering firm promotes flexible schedule

By NICK STEWART Working 9 am to 5 p.m. is an all too common work schedule, but for employees of engineering firm J. L. Richards’ Timmins office, that schedule is more of a suggestion than a rule.

Kennecott – encourages cross training

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Flexibility and cross training have retained the full-time and contractual workers at Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc. (KCEI) laboratories in Thunder Bay. The small diamond research assay lab has been in existence for 14 years.

Flakeboard's team of decision makers

By IAN ROSS Sault Ste. Marie’s Flakeboard Company Ltd. has collected many corporate and community accolades for its Kaizen-like performance ethic and its well-documented safety culture.

Brewery boss puts rumours in perspective

By IAN ROSS When Bill Sharpe got set to resurrect an Amstel brewery in Hamilton in the early 1990s, he walked in with a clean balance sheet and a solid financial backer in place to grow the business into what became Lakeport Brewing.

Exclusive: Falconbridge president speaks out

Editor’s Note: On the eve of Northern Ontario Business deadline, Inco, Falconbridge and Phelps Dodge Corp. announced a $56-billion proposal that would create the world’s largest nickel producer from the three companies.

Sudbury lawyer featured at international conference

By IAN ROSS A prominent Sudbury lawyer was selected to moderate and speak at an international labour and employee law conference in Europe last month.