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Sault Ste. Marie

RAPIDS links businesses in Sault with investors (11/01)

By Pauline Clark Sault area businesses unable to access traditional funding sources for growth opportunities have been able to take advantage of the services of a community investment program for the past few years.

Mayor proposes tax incentives (11/01)

By Ian Ross Strategic visions and grant programs have not worked in diversifying and stimulating the North's economy.

Cost-effective method to measure seedling stress (11/01)

By Ken Sitter Steve Colombo built a better mousetrap and is waiting for the world to beat a path to his door, or rather the Ontario Forest Research Institute's door in Sault Ste. Marie.

Entertainment adds zest to events (11/01)

By Katherine Thompson Nelson They play games based on popular television shows like Survivor and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Last month they ventured to a casino.

Information, telecommunications technology planning session open to public (11/01)

The East Algoma Community Futures Development Corp., in conjunction with Brent St.

Centre seeks funding assistance to pay consultant's bill (11/01)

Sault Ste. Marie's Innovation Centre may approach the city for help in paying a $325,000 consultant's bill from EDS Canada.

Call centre training facility established (11/01)

Sault College and Bell Canada officials opened a $325,000-training centre in late November. The centre is located in the downtown Bell building and classes for the seven-week customer service/call centre representative training program began Nov. 26.

College introduces call centre program (11/01)

With call centre growth in Sault Ste. Marie expected to create 2,000 new representative jobs over the next two years, Sault College has introduced a call centre representative program this month to train workers for this rapidly growing industry.

St. Mary's defers upgrades (11/01)

St. Mary's Paper Ltd. is holding off on a multimillion-dollar investment into a state-of-the-art paper machine until slumping economic conditions turn around, company officials say.

Industrial marketing strategy gets boost from province (11/01)

Sault Ste. Marie's industrial marketing strategy received a $260,000-kick-start from the provincial government, through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, during a Nov. 1 visit to the city by Premier Mike Harris.