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Brewery, college launch brewing technician program

Highlander Brew Co. partnering with CTS Canadian Career College on initiative
Highlander 2
Highlander Brew Co. and CTS Canadian Career College have launched a new brewing technician program to respond to the expanding popularity of the craft beer industry. (Photo supplied)

A new brewing technician program will teach students the ins and outs of working in large- and small-scale breweries as a response to a growing demand in the industry.

The 36-week diploma program is a joint initiative by CTS Canadian Career College and Highlander Brew Co., which is located in South River, south of North Bay.

Highlander Brew Co. came up with the idea after recognizing an increasing need in the industry as a result of the growing popularity of craft breweries across the province.

The program will offer a blended model of distance and in-house study: students will undergo five months of online distance learning before being assigned to a brewery to complete a 360-hour internship.

Courses include:

  • brewery health and safety,
  • introduction to brewing processes, practices and technology,
  • hops and the chemistry of wort boiling,
  • yeast and fermentation,
  • beer maturation and treatments,
  • marketing, distribution, regulations, and taxes, and
  • a brewery internship.

This program will be the first of its kind in Ontario and was developed in consultation with craft breweries across the province.

There are currently more than 250 craft breweries in Ontario, all or most of which will need brewing technicians, a job that pays a starting salary of around $35,000.

Read more about the program details here.