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Canadore film production facility is open for business

State-of-the-art facility allows for post-production work to remain in the North
Yura Monestime of Canadore College guides onlookers through a tour of the new Adobe Atmos Mix room introduced to the public on Feb. 8. (Chris Dawson photo)

Canadore College officially opened the doors to its state-of-the-art post-production film facility to the public on Feb. 8.

For the past year, the North Bay school has been working on the 5,568-square-foot facility which will allow TV and movie crews to stay in the North to complete any post-production from their projects.

“We have a lot of momentum going and we need to keep it going,” said Yura Monestime, associate dean of the School of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts at Canadore College.

“This is just one step as part of the process. Maybe one day we could be Hollywood North."

The new facility includes a Dolby Atmos mix stage with 70,000 watts of power along with 41 speakers. Along with that, it also boasts a colour correction room, dialogue replacement technology, and specialized computer and software equipment that isn't being used in any other teaching facility in Canada.

Michael Gravelle, minister of Northern Development and Mines and chair of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, which chipped in to help pay for the $2-million facility, said this new complex is worth it and will continue to help build the film industry in the North.

“It is extraordinary to have a post-production facility available for the film and television industry here in Northern Ontario,” said Gravelle.  

“This is state-of-the-art, this is as good as anything you will find in Los Angeles or in Toronto, and it indeed is a game-changer.”

George Burton, president of Canadore College, said the world-class facility has already been put to work. He said they cannot wait to get going to help get local film students trained with the new technology, working hand in hand with industry professionals at the same time.

“We have actually done some post work already through a new (Jean-Claude) Van Damme film, doing the sound effects for it, so we completed that. It is back in Los Angeles getting packaged for distribution and when the studio decides to distribute it we will see,” said Burton.

“We also know we have a number of productions lined up starting in a couple weeks here in North Bay, understanding the film calendar is filling up quickly here in the region, so we will see some of that post coming.” 

According to statistics, North Bay and area saw 11 film and TV productions in 2017, resulting in millions of dollars in local investment being made over 270 filming days at 218 different locations.