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Verv Technologies receives $100,000 from CAMEDA

Funds will accelerate commercial readiness of low-cost, high-quality blood analyzer
Marty Gurbin is the CEO of the Sudbury med-tech startup Verv Technologies.

SUDBURY — Jan. 30, 2024: Verv Technologies today announced it has received $100,000 from the Canadian Medtech Alliance (CAMEDA) to accelerate its path towards product completion in 2024.

“We are grateful and truly appreciative of this financial support,” said Martin Gurbin, Verv CEO. “This award is also an endorsement of our innovation, our progress and alignment with the need to empower people and transform care.”

The project is backed by Innovation Factory’s Southern Ontario Pharmaceutical & Health Innovation Ecosystem (SOPHIE) program, which supports collaborative initiatives for Ontario-based life science firms in the later stages of commercialization. SOPHIE is funded by a Government of Canada investment of more than $7 million, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), to help technology companies develop, test and commercialize innovative health-care solutions. Verv will be collaborating with an exceptional engineering design team at InertiaPD to advance key aspects of its technology platform.

“With support from every level of government helping accelerate commercial readiness of our blood analyzer, Verv is poised to make an impact in Canada and beyond,” Gurbin added.

About Verv Technologies: Verv Technologies is finalizing the development of the first portable, affordable, high-quality blood analyzer and is building a catalogue of disposable tests that will measure a wide range of analytes (cholesterol, vitamin levels, hormones). Verv was founded on the ability to separate blood plasma from a few drops of whole blood, without the need for expensive equipment. An affordable, accurate, easy-to-use device that can trend and share blood-testing data has significant potential to help monitor a person’s health status from their home.