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Sudbury Catalyst Fund announces $250,000 investment in tech startup Kinmetrix

Company makes device that help strengthen neck muscles, reduce concussions

SUDBURY — May 7, 2024: The Sudbury Catalyst Fund, a seed capital co-investment fund based in the City of Greater Sudbury, proudly announces its recent investment of $250,000 in Kinmetrix, a sports-tech startup with an innovative device aimed at strengthening neck muscles safely and effectively to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and decrease risks of concussions in athletes.

The Kinmetrix Arc integrates advanced robotics and sensor technology, offering a groundbreaking approach to neck strengthening. "The escalating physical demands in sports have led to stronger and faster athletes, making effective neck strengthening solutions crucial," states Kim Brouzes, CEO of Kinmetrix. "We've closely worked with NORCAT and their support has been instrumental," adds Brouzes. "Their dedication to building a thriving innovation ecosystem in Sudbury influenced our decision to headquarter Kinmetrix here."

Bill Smith, inventor of the Kinmetrix Arc, cited, "After years of frustration in my chiropractic practice due to the lack of quantitative measurement in neck strength, I created this device. Our move to Sudbury has significantly aided in advancing the commercialization of the Arc. We're especially grateful to the Sudbury Catalyst Fund for its support."

Nick Foligno, NHL player and Kinmetrix ambassador, shared, "I am proud to be an ambassador of Kinmetrix. I am extremely excited and inspired by the work Kim, Bill, and the team have put into this amazing product to bring it to market. I believe that strengthening the neck safely to eventually reduce concussion rates is crucial, now more than ever."

Don Duval and Jason Sullivan, co-managing directors of the Sudbury Catalyst Fund, echoed the sentiments shared by the Kinmetrix team.  "Our fund is committed to investing in and supporting emerging technology ventures that are poised to transform the markets in which they serve.  The product / market fit, the positive customer feedback from deployed trials, and the dedication and credentials of the Kinmetrix team make this a very exciting investment."


The Sudbury Catalyst Fund is a unique co-investment seed capital venture fund administered by the Nickel Basin Federal Development Corporation in collaboration with the City of Greater Sudbury, the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, FedNor, and NORCAT. For more information, visit or