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Strategic alliance soars to new heights

NATT Safety Services and Highwork Ltd. forge powerful business partnership
Lively's NATT Safety Services has partnered with Highwork Ltd. to provide installation of engineered fall protection systems.

NATT Safety Services and Highwork Limited are excited to announce a new business partnership, bringing together their knowledge of safety and fall protection from their respective businesses.

“NATT Safety Services has been offering our chief prevention officer-approved working at heights training program since 2013. This collaborative partnership with Highwork was a logical next step, because safety training and services go hand in hand with fall protection,” shares Kevin Pattison, president and CEO of NATT Safety Services. “We’re very pleased and excited to now be able to offer our training, service, and now installation of engineered fall protection systems.”

“Fall protection is serious business where nothing can be left to chance,” shares Marc Desjardins, founder and CEO of Highwork. “Guesswork is unacceptable. 'Predictable results in a time of crisis' is the guiding philosophy in everything we do.”

This strategic alliance represents a significant step forward in the shared mission to redefine safety and excellence in high-risk environments. The collaboration between NATT Safety Services and Highwork is poised to create lasting impacts, setting a new standard for safety, innovation, and client satisfaction.

NATT Safety Services provides safety training and industrial services including CPO-approved working at heights, confined space, mobile elevated work platform, rope rescue, and much more. NATT Safety Services’ footprint is provincewide, providing expertise with shutdowns and projects across the province and servicing all industries. 

Highwork Limited’s engineered fall protection solutions have been deployed in every industry for all walks of life. Their portfolio includes projects from the deepest depths underground to the top of the CN Tower, Walt Disney sound stages ― and everything in between.

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