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Collège Boréal's bridging program goes back online for three new sessions

College's immigration programs work to integrate newcomers into the workforce
Collège Boréal's bridging program will be offering three new sessions starting June 1. (File)

As the province of Ontario prepares scenarios to move communities out of confinement, Collège Boréal’s immigration programs and services continue their efforts to support the professional integration of newcomers, who are often more highly affected by the stoppage of wide sectors of the economy.

That is the goal of Boréal’s bridging programs, with three new sessions beginning June 1. 

They are designed to unlock the value of professional experience gained abroad by helping students to learn how to adapt their skills to the Canadian job market and the local work culture.

"Collège Boréal’s immigration programs and services provide essential support to newcomers and must continue despite the challenges we face in the fight against COVID-19. Our experience has shown us that the economic impact in terms of jobs for our program participants are very positive," said Baptiste Alain Bourquardez, Boréal's director of immigration programs and services, in a news release.

"That makes these programs even more vital in the context of the uncertain economic situation we will be facing in coming months.”    

The formula has already attracted more than 200 professionals in three areas of expertise: management and leadership; health; and supply chain management and logistics.

Due to physical distancing, the three sessions offered this year will be provided online only, through virtual courses delivered in conditions similar to a classroom setting.

“The current situation has led us to rethink our delivery model for this year’s bridge training programs,” said Ammar Boulecane, acting head of Business Development Programs and Services at Collège Boréal. 

“Because we are already experienced in distance education, we were able to make the transition as we prepared the upcoming sessions while ensuring the vital quality of proximity, a hallmark of Collège Boréal that must be recreated even on a computer screen. For us, it is very important to have a group dynamic in these sessions.”

Collège Boréal’s bridging programs help to accelerate socio-economic integration. Students enrich their technical skills, complete an internship which gives them Canadian experience and obtain an attestation of college studies from a locally recognized institution, a guarantee of quality that employers seek.

The three programs are offered in the regions of Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Toronto and Windsor. 

Anyone who is interested can visit Collège Boréal’s I am a Newcomer web page or contact the Bridge Training Team at

Two online information sessions will be offered on May 12 and 20, 2020.