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Cambrian College unveils its new Eaton Electrical Lab

Naming ceremony shows off state-of-the-art lab packed with Eaton products
A new signboard created and unveiled to commemorate the Eaton / Cambrian partnership.

Cambrian College has honoured one of its long-time education partners by renaming its primary electrical engineering lab as the new Eaton Electrical Lab. The change was announced in a ceremony at the college on May 16. 

Cambrian said the change acknowledges the role of Eaton as an electricity management company that creates products and services related to providing energy efficient electrical services in the automotive and aviation industries, among others.

The state-of-the-art lab is equipped with Eaton products and will serve as a hub for innovative research, development and training, said the Cambrian news release.

The Eaton company provided a financial donation to Cambrian's new EV (electric vehicle) research lab located in the Glencore Centre for innovation. Len Gillis /

Mike Commito, Cambrian's director of research and development, said he was pleased with the new partnership.

"I think to be able to have a partnership with such an innovative company like Eaton, and Wesco as well, is great because there's so much we can learn from them,” Commito said.

“I think after touring that Power Systems Experience Center, we can already see some of the things that we can be doing in our EV lab and other things that we can do we doing around Cambrian College to to better prepare our staff, our students and our partners for for the future of electrification."

The event also heard comments from Cambrian student Summer Desloges, who's heading into her third year in the mechatronics program at Cambrian.

She said the partnership with Eaton makes the learning process more real for students.

"Many of the programs here are really enriched by real world applications and advanced technologies. As somebody that also works at Cambridge R&D, I can say absolutely that our programs give you real real world experience. Everything I have learned in my program I have used here," said Desloges.

She added that access to the programs and tools allow the students to engage directly with the technologies they will be using on the job sites in the future.

Janice Clarke, Cambrian's vice-president of academic, said the naming of the new Eaton Electrical Lab demonstrates a shared goal "of dedication to advancing education and igniting innovation."  

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