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Adventure business hikes away with excellence award (5/03)

By IAN ROSS Walk into Diane Petryna’s outdoor sporting goods store in Thunder Bay and you will not be bombarded by thumping testosterone-laden rock music or acres of rack space that cater almost exclusively to men.

Industry jogging along at steady growth rate (5/03)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE Ken Turner admits he was a bit wet behind the ears when he bought the Woodland Echoes Resort in Magnetawan, one hour south of North Bay. Originally it was intended to be a lodge for fishing groups.

City to recognize tourism excellence (4/03)

Tourism business excellence will be recognized by the City of Sault Ste. Marie’s tourism wing with a special award presentation in May. Tourism Sault Ste.

Events place Sault in spotlight (4/03)

BY SCOTT HUNTER HADDOW The City of Sault Ste. Marie has embarked on an aggressive campaign to establish itself as an internationally recognized tourist destination.

City optimistic over waterfront deal (4/03)

By IAN ROSS The long-awaited Gateway project may finally have shovels in the ground by late summer. With the project’s white knight, Grimsby entrepreneur Rick Holmes, deep in negotiations with the banks to finalize about $37.

Thunder Bay takes stock of strengths, prepares to cluster (4/03)

By ANDREW WAREING A community trying to be something it is not can become an economic development equation that can equal disaster, says an official with the City of Thunder Bay.

Tourism growth industry in North (3/03)

By PAULINE CLARK The best way to explain the marketing plan that has been developed by five northern cities is to explain what those cities have been doing to promote tourism recently.

Online portal a one-stop shop (3/03)

By MARK LADAN PARRY SOUND - More and more, it seems one cannot turn on television or radio, or open a newspaper or magazine, without seeing, hearing or reading an ad promoting an online travel service.

North haven for city dwellers (3/03)

By PAULINE CLARK SAULT STE. MARIE—“People want to get back to the land…it’s a segment of tourism that’s the fastest growing,” Pat Corbett, owner of Hills Health Ranch told an attentive audience at the Winter Cities Forum here recently.

Tourism partnerships encouraged (12/02)

By GIANNI UBRIACO Extending from Port Severn to Killarney and hidden among 30,000 small islands and countless inland lakes lies Georgian Bay. Georgian Bay is approximately 190 kilometres long and 80 kilometres wide with a maximum depth of 165 metres.