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Tourism numbers up for 2002 (9/02)

By Kelly Louiseize It has been a mixed bag for the tourism industry this summer as numbers start filtering in through business industries directly linked to the market.

Adventure business hikes away with excellence award (5/03)

By IAN ROSS Walk into Diane Petryna's outdoor sporting goods store in Thunder Bay and you will not be bombarded by thumping testosterone-laden rock music or acres of rack space that cater almost exclusively to men.

Terrace Suites offers luxurious backdrop for any retreat (08/05)

In the business world, few events are as highly anticipated as the corporate retreat.

Cruise on the friend ship or miss the boat (03/05)

By IAN ROSS Tourism operators in the North Bay-Highway 11 corridor should stop bickering over logos and find ways to build on the region’s strengths in recreational tourism, according to a Toronto consultant.

Attracting more Americans (03/05)

Spurred by meetings with Northern private and public leaders, northwestern communities are concentrating on increasing tourism numbers by using branding tools and developing kiosk areas where visitors can obtain Ontario tourist information.

Abitibi Consolidated targets complete forest certification by 2005 (09/03)

Abitibi-Consolidated’s Fort William Woodlands Division has added 800,000 hectares of forested land under certification.

Today’s tourist looking to push personal limits (03/04)

By ANDREW WAREING When Jennifer East is looking for who her competitors are in the world of kayaking and adventure tourism, she is not just looking down the street. The fact is, that lodge down the road might actually be an ally.

New laws place outfitters in same boat as travel agents (11/03)

By IAN ROSS Ecotourism operators in northeastern Ontario are balking at paying government licensing fees that classify them as registered travel agents under new provincial consumer protection laws.

Golf course project driving job creation (11/03)

By KELLY LOUISEIZE There is a certain pride that comes with taking control of one’s destiny, and Shane Jourdain and Chief Chuck McPherson’s chest fills when one of their own people escort them through the new 18-hole par-72 championship golf course t

Tourism bookings hit all-time low for operator (11/03)

By ANDREW WAREING For many tourism operators in Timiskaming, 2003 started on a sour note and many in the industry claim business has just continued downhill from there.