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Thunder Bay entrepreneurs to headline virtual small biz conference

Lakehead University hosting Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference
Lakehead University...Lake Tamblyn

More than 200 delegates will be virtually descending this weekend on Lakehead University for the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship’s (CCSBE) annual conference.

The 41st annual conference, hosted by Lakehead’s faculty of business, runs virtually from Oct. 28 to 30.

CCSBE is part of a global network of leaders dedicated to the advancement and development of small business and entrepreneurship. The conference lures in academics and policy wonks as part of the organization’s annual exchange of ideas, research, insight and best practices on the role of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Among the headliners to speak are Thunder Bay’s Rosalind Lockyer of PARO and Jason Thompson of Superior Strategies.

Each speaker will talk about trends in entrepreneurship and outline what universities can do to address those trends. Some panels will showcase various topics such as Indigenous entrepreneurship, and collaborative and community-engaged actions in achieving sustainability.

The agenda is here.

“Our goal was to mobilize knowledge and generate positive impacts within academic and industry communities,” said Dr. Yuanyan Wu, associate professor in the Faculty of Business Administration in Orillia, in a news release.

With campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Lakehead is considered a leader in entrepreneurship and innovation, as highlighted among the university's five strategic priorities. .

“This is a wonderful opportunity to build connections between researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and organizations that support entrepreneurship. This year's theme is also a reflection of our commitment to supporting sustainable economic development,” added David Richards, dean of the faculty of business administration, in a statement.