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A clearcut explanation (10/02)

Forestry companies in the Algoma area opened their woodlots and plantations for viewing and scrutiny as part of an effort to keep the public informed on forestry practices.

Abitibi halts production at Quebec-based mills (7/02)

Crippling duties on Canadian softwood lumber forced Abitibi-Consolidated Inc.'s hand in announcing the indefinite closure of three sawmills and two production lines in Quebec.

Proposed tariff may lead to cost increases (9/01)

Forest products companies such as Tembec are standing pat in the face of a proposed tariff of 19.3 per cent levied against the Canadian softwood industry by the United States Department of Commerce.

Agreement improves negotiation process (9/01)

The lush woodlands of Northern Ontario have long been the vested interest of both the forestry and tourism industries. But their relationship has, at times, been as prickly as pine needles and as sticky as spruce sap.

Industry at loggerheads, crisis looming, operator says (11/03)

With no increase in lumbering rates from large companies to help offset the escalating overhead costs, and no sign of the United States reducing tariffs on softwood lumber, Denis Deschamps has resorted to calling an auctioneer to sell his logging equ

Domtar purchases mills (6/01)

Forest products giant Domtar Inc. is buying four American paper mills from Georgia-Pacific Corp. The $2.5-billion deal will transform the Montreal-based company into the third-largest producer of uncoated freesheet (photocopy and printing papers).

Clearcut regulations proposed (6/01)

Ontario may see larger forest cuts in the future now that the Ministry of Natural Resources is pushing for clearcuts that mimic natural conditions.

Living Legacy making strides (5/01)

Ontario's Living Legacy, the Ontario government's natural heritage program, is making unprecedented strides in Crown land sustainability.

Forest research bolstered by Living Legacy Trust grant (6/02)

A $100,000-grant from the Living Legacy Trust to the Forest Research Partnership will help forestry experts benefit from the results of earlier research to increase their current understanding of growth and yield of forests in the Boreal and Great La

Petition urges government to stand up against protectionist policies (6/02)

Tembec Inc. is urging the Canadian government to take a tough stand against the U.S. in answering to their punitive softwood lumber tariffs.