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Proposed redevelopment incentive targets North Bay's derelict buildings, illegal dumping

Rebates of up to $50,000 are available to poperty owners
North Bay council is mulling a new rebate that would provide relief to landowners who decide to redevelop their derelict properties. (File photo)

The City of North Bay is willing to try a new approach to encourage owners to redevelop their properties by removing the landfill tipping fees associated with the demolition of derelict primary buildings.

According to a report to council prepared by the Planning and Building Department, the proposed amendment to the Growth Community Improvement Plan (GCIP) would create an additional incentive to the Housing Target Area section of GCIP – the Landfill Tipping Fee Grant. 

The grant is intended to give property redevelopers demolishing a primary building a rebate for the tipping fees required at the landfill, and to "encourage the removal of derelict commercial and residential buildings."

"The landfill tipping fees may act as a barrier and lead to illegal dumping and/or derelict buildings," the report states. "This program is intended to be used as a last resort and property owners are encouraged to maintain their buildings to a high standard and conduct regular maintenance."

At its last regular meeting, North Bay city council referred the matter to its community services committee for a public meeting.

According to the City's GCIP outline, "The primary objective within the Housing Target Area is to encourage infill and intensification of housing developments within the 'Residential Intensification Area' of the incentives will be available to applicants who are increasing the net amount of residential units within their existing residential building such as secondary units.

"The Housing Target Area will help to facilitate a range of housing types, which may help to encourage affordable housing, aging in place, and accessible units."

For more information, including a map of the Housing Target Area, click here.

Property owners would see half of the rebate when the building is demolished and the other half if it is replaced with new development. The proposed program would provide a full rebate up to $50,000 for sorted material, or half of the landfill tipping fees, up to a maximum of $25,000 for unsorted material.

The Growth Community Improvement Plan has four focus areas:

  • Downtown Target Area
  • Waterfront Target Area
  • Industrial Target Area
  • Housing Target Area

The GCIP currently has 11 incentive programs:

  • Tax Increment Grant Program
  • Municipal Fee Grant Program
  • Development Charges Grant Program
  • Professional Study Grant Program
  • Façade Improvement Grant Program
  • Building Improvement Grant Program
  • Public Art Grant Program
  • Sidewalk Patio Grant Program
  • Parking and Landscaping Grant Program
  • Parking and Transit Fee Grant Program
  • Parking Exemption Program

– BayToday