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Kirkland Lake cannabis grower ships to provincial retailer

48North sends first order to Ontario Cannabis Store
DelShen from above
48North's indoor growing facility outside of Kirkland Lake.

48North Cannabis Corp. has shipped its first order of cannabis from Kirkland Lake to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) for retail sale.

The 180 kilograms of indoor-grown cannabis from of its northern cultivation facility, Delshen Therapeutics Corp, marks their official foray into Ontario’s recreational retail market.

The publicly-traded company has agreed to supply OCS with 1,200 kilograms of product from Kirkland Lake and its 100-acre organic Good Farm facility in Brant County. 48North signed the supply deal back in June.

By the end of 2019, 48North said its products will be available for retail sale in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.

48North has committed approximately 5,000 kilograms of cannabis from its three facilities to provincial distributors in 2019.

“Today's shipment marks a major milestone for the company,” said co-CEO Alison Gordon in an Aug. 9 news release.

“As we look ahead, the company is well-prepared to deliver on all of its supply agreements. We look forward to sharing our products with consumers across the country.”

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48North runs three facilities, two indoor – Kirkland Lake and Brantford – and one outdoor farm in southwestern Ontario.

The Kirkland Lake facility, with a 40,000-square-foot space on 800 acres, has the capacity to grow 2,500 kilogram of dried cannabis a year. The facility is licensed to cultivate and sell cannabis, and also produce and extract cannabis oil.

The Toronto-headquartered grower has struck distribution agreements to cater to the women’s health and wellness products in the form of edibles, vape pens, skin care creams and cosmetics.