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Grant will help seed company expand wildflower line

Northern Wildflowers is a recipient of a Desjardins GoodSpark grant
The Sudbury-area seed producer Northern Wildflowers has received a grant that will enable it to expand its line of wildflowers.

A Sudbury-area seed company is the recipient of a $20,000 grant that will help it produce more varieties of wildflowers for sale across the country.

Northern Wildflowers, located in Whitefish west of Sudbury, produces wildflower seeds that are endemic to Canada, the U.S. and parts of Mexico.

They're sold online and at garden centres nationwide, and the company also contracts out their services for large-scale seeding and remediation projects in industries including construction and mining.

The company announced on April 5 it had received the grant.

“We can't wait to put these funds to work to help us produce more native wildflower seed for Canadian gardeners and conservation practitioners,” the company wrote in a social media post.

“This year, we are specifically looking to establish a number of new native wildflower varieties on our farm, with an emphasis on rare varieties with high wildlife value.”

The GoodSpark grants, an initiative of the Desjardins financial co-operative, are doled out annually in $20,000 allotments to businesses and organizations in various sectors, including agriculture and food, education, and technology.

They're targetted at locally owned businesses that put an emphasis on sustainable development, employment, innovation, or community impact.