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Collège Boréal forestry prof receives provincial award

Sudbury's Marc Hébert recognized by Minister of Colleges and Universities
Marc Hébert is an instructor in Collège Boréal’s School of Environment and Natural Resources.

An instructor in Collège Boréal’s School of Environment and Natural Resources has received provincial recognition.

At the annual Minister of Colleges and Universities Awards for Excellence ceremony, Marc Hébert was awarded in the Everyday Hero category.

Hébert’s achievements for 2022–2023 include a significant contribution to the City of Greater Sudbury Council’s Regreening Advisory Panel (VETAC). Among other things, Hébert identified improvements needed in the region’s tree production process and proposed concrete solutions.

Hébert’s commitment has also fostered close ties with Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario. One notable initiative is the establishment of an Indigenous medicinal garden catering to these communities’ needs for traditional plants. 

Other projects involving regional forestry companies and establishing hands-on camps to develop key skills in demand on the job market are also among Hébert’s achievements. These initiatives are backed by ongoing support for economic growth in the region and the forestry sector through four applied research projects, providing the college’s students with internships and hands-on learning opportunities.    

“The Minister of Colleges and Universities’ Award of Excellence presented to Marc Hébert is an outstanding example of the dedication and expertise that Collège Boréal’s students enjoy,” said Daniel Giroux, president of Collège Boréal, in a press release.

“Professor Hébert’s humble commitment to the various environmental and community initiatives he is involved in is a true source of inspiration for today’s youth and tomorrow’s professionals.”

“Thanks to his pragmatic approach to the issues surrounding reforestation, his knowledge of the realities of the forestry sector, and his involvement with Indigenous communities, Marc Hébert instills an innovative and inclusive approach in every student he comes into contact with, day after day,” said Daniel Leduc, dean of the School of Environment and Natural Resources and the School of Trades and Applied Technology at Collège Boréal.

“Professor Hébert, a man of modesty, exerts a profound influence on his Collège Boréal graduates, making him an authentic everyday hero.”

“Given his wealth of knowledge and infectious passion for forestry, studying with my professor, Marc Hébert, is a particularly motivating and rewarding experience,” said Mia Vincent, a student in the Forestry and Wildlife Technician program at Collège Boréal.

“Whether in the classroom or out in the field, his exemplary availability and tireless commitment to finding the best way to teach us are undeniable assets that contribute to our academic success and for which we’re very grateful.”