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Indigenous Business

Cree Village Ecolodge living lightly on the land

Cree Village Ecolodge living lightly on the land

Having begun eight years ago as a First Nations effort to spark economic development, the Cree Village Ecolodge is now one of the world’s foremost examples of a green getaway.

Getting their fair share (03/05)

Attawapiskat area First Nations communities are driving home a message of inclusion as tendering contracts are being scheduled for next winter’s construction phase of the Victor Mine project.

Cold enough (03/05)

This winter’s mild weather has plagued the Pickle Lake community, as transports are unable to get supplies to area communities because the ice is too thin.

Into uncharted entrepreneurial territory (03/05)

North American Charters 2000 has created significant turbulence by biting a hefty chunk out of the air carrier service sector. A few happy North American Charters 2000 passengers. Photo by Ian Provided. But it didn’t happen overnight.

Power struggles on the Manitoba border (03/05)

Northwestern First Nations communities want to be main developers in hydro electric development projects. They see it as a means to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Joining the global village (03/05)

Northern Ontario will always have remote communities, but they no longer have to be isolated. That’s what Minister of State (FedNor) Joe Comuzzi said at a Northern Indigenous Community Satellite Network ceremonial opening in Sioux Lookout.

The Germans are coming (03/05)

A Manitoulin Island Aboriginal tourism marketing cooperative is going shopping in Europe. Waubetek Business Development Corp. manager Dawn Madahbee is off to Europe to attract tourists. Photo provided.

The Aboriginal advantage (03/05)

John Symington feels close to seeing some long-term major projects pay off.

Victor’s influence spreads (03/05)

The diamond exploration activity surrounding Attawapiskat is slowly moving west to Kasabonika. Residents there are staying one step ahead of the game by developing a mineral strategy to prepare for the onslaught of eager prospectors.

Wireless service coming to Manitoulin Island (03/05)

A new telecommunications company is offering Manitoulin Island residents a competitive choice where one hasn’t been offered before. With national aspirations and targeting the niche First Nations market, FirstTEL Communication Corp.