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SRWC LLP Chartered Professional Accountants has been cultivating careers and inspiring growth in Sudbury for 70 years

SRWC is proud of its reputation for mentoring young talent in a supportive environment that offers clear paths to advancement

At the heart of SRWC Chartered Professional Accountants’ success lies the outstanding team it has assembled, a diverse group of professionals driven by a passion to provide exceptional service to their clients. Partner Ryan Sostarich joined the firm in 2014 to work alongside his father Andy. Ryan represents the third generation of his family to join SRWC, a firm co-founded by his grandfather and built on the reputation of integrity and fairness.

Integrity and fairness are part of SRWC’s core values which play a role in attracting and retaining employees and clients. Ryan says, “A culture that results in high retention and low turnover of staff is fantastic in our business because we are doing cyclical and recurring work for our clients. We’re preparing financial statements and tax returns for privately-owned businesses, so having continuity is very important.”

SRWC’s positive culture offers its staff a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual respect, where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. This positive work environment fosters creativity and collaboration and instills a deep sense of loyalty among the staff. It's culture and continuity have contributed to SRWC’s success in being the oldest independent accounting firm in Northern Ontario. This year it is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Opportunities for advancement

One of the hallmarks of SRWC is its commitment to nurturing young talent. The firm recognizes that fresh perspectives are essential in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

Vedran Dukic, also a partner, joined SRWC shortly after graduating and says the workplace atmosphere and opportunities for promotion convinced him that SRWC is where he wanted to build his career. Vedran says, “There is a lot of opportunity at SRWC for promotion and to learn We actively invest in professionals and encourage staff members to bring new ideas and approaches to the table. Our brand and our culture are team oriented. We work together to get the work done for our clients.”

More than colleagues; they are family

In addition to its younger staff members, SRWC is proud that they also have employees who have been with the firm for 40 years. It’s a happy place to work. A sense of belonging is cultivated through various initiatives, from social events, to mentorships, Friday afternoon barbecues in the summer, and an open-door policy with senior partners.

Vedran says, “Every individual is encouraged to share their ideas and contribute to the collective success of the firm. There is very little staff turnover in part because we recognize that the success of the firm comes from the collaboration and hard work of every individual member coming together, and we try to share that success as best we can with our staff.”

SRWC places a strong emphasis on work-life balance, recognizing that happy and fulfilled employees are more productive and engaged. Ryan adds, “We’re only as good as the staff members we have helping us do the work. It’s very much a team effort. When you treat the team well and fairly and look out for them, it results in the retention of great staff members and clients.”

SRWC LLP Chartered Professional Accountants has cultivated a formula for success that includes a supportive and inclusive work culture that fosters employee loyalty. It has become a preferred employer that all staff members, including its youngest talent are proud to call home. In creating a positive and nurturing work environment SRWC has been successfully serving business clients in Sudbury and throughout Northern Ontario for decades.

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