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Maestro Digital Mine adds new teaching tool to Dynamic Earth

Company donates new mining tech for educational purposes

With the March reopening of Dynamic Earth now complete, visitors to the interactive science museum operated by Science North can now see the latest donation of mining technology in action at the facility compliments of Maestro Digital Mine.

As part of the interactive installation now in full operation at the mine, Maestro has donated and installed a digital underground communication network, air quality stations and digital displays that will help educate visitors about the Canadian-made technologies keeping miners safe in underground operations around the world. It’s all part of the company’s efforts to work collaboratively with educational institutions in the area in the hopes of attracting qualified students into the mining tech sector.

“Maestro Digital Mine is a key enabler of digital mining solutions and this donation allows our community to learn about new emerging technologies,” said Michael Gribbons, President, CEO and co-founder of Maestro Digital Mine. “Dynamic Earth is one of several demonstration mines and institutions we’ve contributed to both in Canada and the USA allowing students to experience the latest technology available keeping our miners safe.”

As they wind their way through Dynamic Earth’s underground tunnels, visitors can experience the mining environment and see how Maestro’s mining technologies provide real-time information from the underground mine back to the surface.

The technology is a great visual tool to reinforce to students how safe modern mines are today.

That’s an important lesson according to Gribbons. “Both worker safety and the working environment in underground mines continues to improve through the collaboration of technology companies, legislators, educational institutions working with the mining companies. Mining companies care about the long-term health and welfare of their employees. The mantra of mining in North America is safety first and the ore must come to surface without any harm to the people.” Gribbons said “With the advent of high tech in mining, it is now considered a cool industry to work in. Maestro is a leading example of deploying the brightest talent from Ontario’s universities and colleges to design and develop digital solutions for the green economy.”

Gribbons also adds “Many young people are not fully aware of the importance that mining has on all aspects of a modern society. All forms of transportation and communication require metals to be extracted from the earth. A simple iPad for example uses graphite, lithium, aluminum, gold, silver, copper and nickel. Working in the mining industry provides the raw materials for the electrification of the automobile industry and that is important if you want to save the planet. Simply put, mining equals batteries.”

Maestro Digital Mine manufactures industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) devices and last mile digital networks for the underground mining sector. Their products and solutions deliver worker safety and productivity improvements while reducing the mines energy and greenhouse gas footprint. Maestro’s core purpose is to enhance lives by the pursuit of safety excellence and productivity.

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