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Find your Joie de vivre in West Nipissing

With an ideal geographic location, investment opportunities for growth and development within the Municipality of West Nipissing are abundant. Recently ranked the top Northern Ontario community in Maclean’s Magazine’s 2019 census of Canada’s Best Communities, West Nipissing continues to support its growing economy.  

Why West Nipissing?

Situated between Sudbury and North Bay, West Nipissing’s geographic locale has several advantages. The regional market territory entails large volumes of activity from a population of approximately 235,000. Served by the Trans-Canada Highway 17 and located near the Highway 11 junction, West Nipissing is easily accessible from all four geographic corners of Ontario by rail and land, only hours from major city centres including Ottawa, Toronto, and the United States. With full-service airports in Sudbury and North Bay, connections nationally and internationally are only a short drive away.

West Nipissing rests along the shore of Lake Nipissing, a spatial mid-point of Canada’s largest mining cluster in the centre of one of Canada’s most concentrated forests. As part of the basin of an ancient lake, the land is richer than much of Northeastern Ontario’s typical soil, contributing to an affluent agricultural economy.

The Municipality is also among the minority of growing communities in the North, seeing consistent population growth over the last three Statistics Canada censuses. West Nipissing continues to maintain its position as the most bilingual community in Ontario with 67.6% of residents fluent in English and French. These demographics and diverse economy combined with continued support from governments and private sector investors provide businesses with a strong and skillful labour pool.

Economic Opportunities

There is currently industrial land available in West Nipissing for business development or expansion, varying in size, features, and price. The affordability of living, working, and developing in West Nipissing, paired with some of the lowest tax rates in Canada, provides site selectors and developers unique opportunities to expand in Northern Ontario. In fact, MoneySense ranked the Municipality of West Nipissing as the 2018 “Best Place to Live in Canada” over 414 other Canadian cities for the low taxes.

Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre is a driving force in building our community, distinguishing the Municipality from its surrounding communities. Live life to its fullest, embrace the natural beauty of Northern Ontario, and know that the Municipality of West Nipissing welcomes you with vibrant charm and opportunity.