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Sudbury taxpayers to bear burden of rising costs, report says (9/02)

With a dwindling population and a shrinking tax base, Sudbury taxpayers may be placed in a financial pinch in paying for the rising costs of operating the Greater City of Sudbury.

Conference to focus on latest trends in housing industry (9/02)

Sudbury's most comprehensive local market-analysis conference designed for anyone who needs to be on top of the latest trends in the housing industry will take place Oct. 24 at the Science North Cavern in Sudbury.

Business leaders to provide insight into future plans (9/02)

During a one-day seminar in October, Greater Sudbury business leaders will share their plans and visions for the future, and provide insight into how their plans will impact the local economy. Greater Sudbury Development Corp.

Good ch’i helps businesses prosper (9/02)

By Ian Ross It is about balancing the yin with the yang, and clearing away those blockages that impede good ch’i. Because if you don’t have good ch’i in the workplace...well, you will have problems.

Wind farm project closer to fruition (7/02)

The City of Greater Sudbury is forging ahead with the next phase of its wind farm project by partnering with Northland Power Inc. and REPower Wind Corp.

Province appoints Sudbury's head of tourism to steering committee (7/02)

In an effort to revitalize northern tourism, the Ontario government has appointed City of Greater Sudbury tourism head Rob Skelly as chairperson of an interim steering committee, charged with overseeing marketing efforts until a permanent organizatio

Council funds university research (7/02)

Laurentian University will receive $1,527,803 in research and equipment grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) during the next academic year.

Stats reflect strong housing-start levels in north (7/02)

Housing starts in the City of Greater Sudbury continued their brisk pace in June bringing the first half of 2002 to a successful conclusion, according to preliminary figures released on July 9 by Canada Mortage and Housing Corp.

Building permits up nearly $50 million over last year's values (7/02)

Home building starts in Sudbury have jumped almost 50 per cent in the first six months of this year compared to 2001. After languishing in the doldrums for years, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Sudbury's jobless rate continues decline (7/02)

Sudbury’s jobless rate fell for the third month in a row. Statistics Canada reported a drop in June to 9.2 per cent compared to 10 per cent in May. Oshawa and Sudbury were the only cities reporting a decline in the unemployment rate.