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Cambrian student population reaches highest total in 10 years

International student enrollment up more than 60 per cent at Sudbury school.
The full-time student population at Cambrian College in Sudbury is at a 10-year high with more than 4,400 full-time students registered for 2017-18. (File)

Cambrian College’s full-time student population is at a 10-year high with more than 4,400 full-time students registered for 2017-18.

This fall, Cambrian has approximately 4,414 full-time students at its Barrydowne campus in Sudbury, the highest number since 2008. 

International student enrolment is up by 61 per cent over last year, with 573 students from 39 countries registered.

Signs of campus globalization and intercultural exchange are everywhere: scents of Indian spices drift up from the cafeteria; flags adorn the International atrium; there are cross-cultural ice-breaker events; and you’ll hear many different languages being spoken in the halls. 

There’s a new vibe on campus and it demonstrates that Cambrian is growing as a global leader in post-secondary education.

There is also a vibrant community of 815 Indigenous students on campus from cities and remote First Nations communities across Canada. Cambrian has maintained the overall number of domestic students it attracts, thanks to the efforts of its recruiting team which every year travels across Ontario and to other parts of Canada.

“The dynamic on campus is amazing right now,” said Cambrian president Bill Best.

“Three years ago, we charted a path with our strategic plan to position Cambrian for long-term, sustainable growth. We are still on that path, which sets out to define Cambrian as ‘a college of distinction, united to transform future generations.’

"I think we are seeing the fruits of that this fall," Best added.

"Students from all kinds of backgrounds are here to better themselves and to challenge us to be even better. As a college, we have been making investments in teaching and learning, we’re reducing barriers to post-secondary education, and we’re optimizing our student services and supports. All of this makes studying at Cambrian an exceptional experience.”

A larger student population at Cambrian enables the college to continue to invest in innovative programs and services that best serve students and employers, drive the economy, and position Cambrian for continued regional and global growth.

“As a college, we are pleased to welcome every student who is with us today,” said Best.

“This growth is thanks to them, and also thanks to our faculty, staff, employer and industry partners, student government leaders, board members, and members of our alumni family. As a team, their commitment to excellence and innovation will position the college, and our graduates, for future success."