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Sault mayor takes the case for Canadian steel south of the border

Provenzano speaks out against U.S. tariffs at Michigan trade forum
20160603 Essar Steel Algoma KA 05
Algoma Steel (SooToday photo)

Canadian steel made in Sault Ste. Marie uses raw materials mined in the U.S., Mayor Christian Provenzano reminded American legislators and industry leaders at a forum in Michigan, Oct. 15.

Provenzano spoke against U.S. tariffs imposed on imported Canadian steel products and how it impacts cross-border supply chains during the Trade Tariffs Forum in Sterling Heights, an event hosted by that community’s chamber of commerce.

“It is important to recognize that the tariff on Canadian steel entering the United States is not just harmful to Canada. For example, to make steel Algoma uses raw materials from communities in Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia and these raw materials are shipped through communities in Michigan and Ohio,” he said.

The city’s release said Provenzano’s appearance at the forum was part of a communications plan, developed this spring with Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger, to reach out to their counterparts in United States communities that would be negatively impacted by tariffs. 

“I appreciated the opportunity to discuss the importance of free and fair trade between Canada and the United States, and to make the case for the steel industry,” said Provenzano in the release.

“The tariff poses an unnecessary and harmful threat to our balanced, fair and complementary trade relationship in steel, and this situation needs to be addressed immediately.” 

Also participating at the forum were Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor, Congressman Paul Mitchell and Bernard Swiecki, the director of the Automotive Communities Partnership.