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Provincial regulator approves sale of Chapleau Hydro assets to Hydro One

Ontario power supplier promises investments and upgrades to community's electricity system

Hydro One has received approval from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to take over as Chapleau’s power supplier.

Last November, Hydro One signed a definitive agreement with municipally owned Chapleau Public Utilities Corporation to acquire Chapleau Hydro's electricity distribution assets to serve 1,200 customers in the northeastern Ontario township. 

The OEB recently approved the application from Hydro One and Chapleau Hydro on the $2.3-million transaction, expected to close in the coming months, according to a Hydro One news release.

Staffing shortages at Chapleau Hydro last year prompted the Ontario Energy Board to issue an interim licence to Hydro One to operate the distribution system of Chapleau Hydro for six months while the township considered its options to sell.

The township said proceeds from the sale are earmarked for investment upgrades at the water treatment plant, in fire services, and at the airport.

Hydro One is promising “exceptional customer service, greater efficiencies, and local investments.”

 “We are pleased with the OEB’s positive decision as the partnership with Hydro One will bring tremendous benefits to the hard-working people of Chapleau,” said Ryan Bignucolo, mayor of the Township of Chapleau, in a statement.

“With their local presence and 24/7 operations, we anticipate enhanced service and value for our township and the surrounding areas. Our local electricity system requires substantial investment and modernization and I welcome Hydro One's support in preparing Chapleau for a more advanced and better-connected future.”

"The partnership will energize life in the Township of Chapleau through our continued investment in exceptional customer service, safe and efficient operations and our local presence,” added Teri French, Hydro One’s executive vice-president of safety, operations and customer experience.