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Green energy plans in Sioux Lookout get federal funding

FedNor hands over $229,600 to study potential local projects to support forestry industry
Sioux Lookout
Sioux Lookout is receiving $229,600 from FedNor to explore green energy solutions.

Locally-grown green energy solutions for Sioux Lookout are getting a six-figure boost from the federal government.

The town, located 392 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay, will receive $229,600 from FedNor to allow it to explore the potential of green energy solutions for the local forest industry, as well as the establishment of a transload facility in the community.

As part of this investment, $129,600 will support the development of a prefeasibility study on the concept of a complete wood-based bio-energy chain, from forest harvesting to construction, involving communities, institutions and industry throughout the region.

A further $100,000 will enable the Municipality to study opportunities related to an integrated transportation system from Pickle Lake to Sioux Lookout to help prepare these communities for growth in the mineral exploration and energy sectors in Ontario’s Far North.

Both communities have been identified as potential staging areas for these sectors. The study will also provide valuable information on the feasibility, location, cost and desirability of a transload facility that would link transportation networks such as roads, rail and air cargo.

“We are pleased about this Government of Canada investment, through FedNor, in support of our strategic community and business planning initiatives,” said Sioux Lookout Mayor Doug Lawrance in an Aug. 2 news release.

“These two studies are crucial to helping our community identify, develop and implement realistic opportunities for growth that capitalize on our inherent strengths.”

Wood-based bio-energy has the potential to reduce energy costs for businesses and communities throughout Northern Ontario. The feasibility study will also be used by Sioux Lookout and its partner Lac Seul First Nation to promote solutions to other remote communities in Canada and provide an alternative to diesel dependency.