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Major expansion underway at North Bay manufacturing facility

Di-Corp will double the size of its current facility to better serve customers
Di-Corp has announced a major expansion of its Drillers Edge manufacturing facility in North Bay.

There’s some great economic news for the City of North Bay.

Di-Corp is expanding its Drillers Edge manufacturing facility at the Airport Industrial Business Park.

The company is effectively doubling the size of its current facility and expects to expand its workforce as demand for its product increases and the expansion is completed at the end of the year.

The added space will provide room for additional manufacturing operations and warehousing.

A company spokesperson said the expansion of its world-class manufacturing facility in North Bay is necessary to meet increased demand for its Drillers Edge line of drilling products, putting it in a position to better serve its growing customer base worldwide.

Di-Corp is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, parts and accessories serving the energy, mining and drilling industries.

Its primary focus is in the mining sector and mineral exploration.

City council approved the sale of the five acres of industrial land recently.  

“This is exciting news for the community,” said North Bay Mayor Al McDonald.

“It shows confidence in the city by the investors, and it’s a selling point to other companies that would be interested in the city and the airport land. North Bay has one of the lowest industrial tax rates in the province and the lowest commercial tax rate of the big five cities in Northern Ontario. In addition to the location, those are other reasons why businesses would want to invest here.”

The airport industrial park opened in 2012, and today has six buildings on the property.

“We have 123 acres of serviced industrial land at our airport industrial park. We have 700 acres in total. This is phase one," McDonald said.

"As the park fills up then councils of the future can decide if they’re going to service more land in that area. We're always looking for companies to build, expand or locate there."