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Invest North Bay rolls out immigrant attraction strategy

Strategy targetting newcomers, Torontonians looking for change of pace
20191129 Invest North Bay Konwar
Laxmi Konwar, from Nepal, talks about her love for North Bay. She's one of a number of successful immigrants who have set up businesses in North Bay. (Chris Dawson/BayToday)

Laxmi Konwar said she has been to many places around the world. However, when she first set foot in North Bay, she said she felt something special. 

"I didn't do any research, but I have visited many places, but when I came to North Bay I felt a connection," she said.  

"I felt at peace with this place and I loved it. I wanted to be at this place. I did not know anyone here; I only knew one person. After living here, I loved it more because people were so loving, and I had a lot of support, and I love the beauty of this place. I felt life was much easier."  

Konwar, who is originally from Nepal, is one of the owners of Northern Himalayan Café at Jack Garland Airport. She was one of a handful of immigrant local business people who spoke at the Nov. 29 unveiling of a new Invest North Bay marketing strategy aimed at bringing more business from the south to North Bay.

The marketing strategy targets two distinct audience groups: immigrant investors and those seeking to escape the gridlock and congestion of the GTA.

Ian Kilgour, North Bay's director of community development and growth, said North Bay has never targetted the GTA the way other communities in the North like Elliot Lake and Sudbury have in the past.

"The GTA is one of the fastest-growing markets in North America, and the city of North Bay is one of the best-kept secrets in North America, and we have to get the story out that this is a place to do business and a place to live," said Kilgour. 

"What I have learned in the last little while is you can make the best widgets, but if nobody knows they are for sale, they are not buying." 

The unique stories of eight immigrant investors who have achieved success in North Bay, including Konwar, will be a key part of the strategy.

"I think it is a great opportunity because many people have not heard about North Bay," said Konwar.

"Even in Toronto, people have not heard about North Bay. So, I think this will bring more awareness to people who don't know that North Bay is so close to Toronto, and they did not know they could explore the possibilities, and living here is much better.

"Your lifestyle is that much better, so, hopefully, this will provide them with the opportunity to know about this little beautiful place." 

The strategy was created locally by TWG Communications and is based on detailed research conducted by Environics Analytics, Canada’s premier research organization.

Kilgour said the detailed statistical data from tens of thousands of data sources will be used to pinpoint North Bay’s highest potential targets in the GTA.

The strategy, which will be implemented over the course of the next two years, includes branding and a dedicated website:

More videos will be added as the strategy is rolled out and there will be an online list of available commercial opportunities. ‘Opportunity Ambassadors’ will deal directly with potential investors and new residents.

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