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Newmont donates $50K to college foundation

The mining company has donated $311,000 over 12 years to the Timmins campus
2021-02-22 Newmont Boreal SUP
Newmont Porcupine's donation to the Collège Boréal Foundation has allowed the school to buy equipment at the Timmins campus.

A Timmins mining company's commitment to the Collège Boréal Foundation has allowed the Timmins campus to buy equipment, enhance its training programs and improve the school's facilities.

Newmont Porcupine has donated $50,000 to the foundation. Since 2009, the company has donated $311,000.

“Over the past 12 years, Newmont Porcupine’s generosity has allowed Collège Boréal’s Timmins campus to purchase equipment for locally delivered programs, to recycle and reuse Newmont’s retired equipment for training purposes and to improve the College’s facilities in Timmins,” said Mélanie Dufresne, director of the Timmins campus, in a news release.

The mining company's support also allowed the school to do a complete kitchen renovation in 2018, with the facility was named the Newmont Cafeteria.

Newmont is proud to contribute to the programming offered at the Timmins campus, said Patrick Chabot, Newmont Porcupine's general manager.

“This $50,000 donation is our way of supporting excellence in training as illustrated by Collège Boréal. We know this to be true, because in the past five years, we have hired more than 25 Boréal graduates," he said.

– TimminsToday