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High-speed internet installed in northeastern Cree community

Cochrane Tel completes network into Taykwa Tagamou Nation
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Cochrane Telecom Services (CochraneTel) and the Taykwa Tagamou Nation (TTN) announced the completion of the final phase of the fibre-to-the-home and premise network within the TTN territory.

The Northern Ontario Cree community, located near Cochrane, now has access to fast, reliable high-speed Internet with more than 300 IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) channels being delivered to homes and businesses.

The band leadership of TTN had prioritized this investment to improve the quality of their community’s internet and accelerated during the pandemic to ensure the safety of community members.

“This project was important because our community members needed access to high-speed internet, so that our staff and members were able to work from home and children were able to attend online classes,” said TTN Deputy Chief Derek Archibald in an Oct. 19 news release.

“With our highspeed internet connection, our community’s participation within the education system and economy was not interrupted. This is important to our community, as we believe strongly in our ability to be true contributors to the economy writ-large," he added.

In a statement, CochraneTel Chair Kalai S. Kalaichelvan expressed pride in having completed the fibre network installation.

"Their high-speed access has also allowed us to begin deployment of IPTV and a fully managed IP phone system that will link the businesses within the community.”