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Sudbury lab lassos $2.6 million for rope-testing machine

Government facility tests wire ropes used in mining, suspension bridges
Willet Green building

A new $2.6-million rope-testing machine will be installed in the Materials Testing Laboratory (MTL) in Sudbury.

The new machine replaces an outdated one, dating back to 1991, that was taken out of service due to repeated breakdowns. It will be able to test both wire and synthetic ropes. The machine will be installed by next spring.

Labour Minister Laurie Scott made the funding announcement in Sudbury on April 9.

The MTL is operated by the Ministry of Labour at the government’s Willet Green Miller building, near the campus of Laurentian University.

For a fee, the facility examines and performs destructive testing of wire ropes used in mine shaft applications or other hoisting appliances.

Mine operators are required by law to submit rope samples to the lab for testing.

The Ramsey Lake Road lab tests between 500 and 900 ropes annually, half coming from Ontario, along with wire ropes used for suspension bridges internationally, generating about $850,000 in annual revenue.

"Rope safety is essential for mine operators to ensure their mines are operating safely and reliably," said Scott in a news release. “This machine will help to keep workers in the mining sector safe across the world."