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Province investing $2.5 million in mining research

Sudbury-based deep mining program to continue looking for solutions to deep mining-related issues.
The Ultra Deep Mining Network aims to solve problems associated with mining at depths deeper than 2.5 kilometres. (photo supplied by First Nickel)

The province is investing $2.5 million into a Sudbury-based research program that is aimed at solving the problems associated with mining that takes place deeper than 2.5 kilometres underground.

Northern Development and Mines Minister Michael Gravelle made the announcement while in Sudbury to attend the one-day Mining Innovation Summit.

The funds will help continue the work being done by the Ultra Deep Mining Network (UDMN), an initiative of the Centre for Excellence in Mining (CEMI), a five-year initiative that kicked off in 2014.

Its aim is to research and commercialize viable solutions to issues faced by underground mining, such as proper ventilation and worker safety.

“Today’s Mining Innovation Summit and our investment in CEMI are proof Ontario is committed to supporting the future of the mining sector and ensuring that we are the global leader in sustainable mineral development,” Gravelle said in a release.

“Our government is pleased to partner with CEMI as it leads the way to ensure ultra-deep mines operate more effectively and safely, generate more value, improve the human environment and enhance mine productivity.”

Doug Morrison, CEO at CEMI, expressed his gratitude for the continued support of the ministry in the research organization’s work to deliver “innovation-driven, commercially viable productivity improvements to meet the challenges that confront the mining industry.”

“I also want to thank Minister Gravelle personally for his support of CEMI and acknowledge his strong commitment to research, innovation and the commercialization of new mining technology that will make the Ontario mining industry — both mining companies and service and supply companies together — a leader in the global mining technology,” Morrison said in the release.

“We hope that, collectively, the Innovation Summit will set the stage for the creation of a sustainable ecosystem that will deliver innovation to the mining industry and help build a stronger economy for Ontario and Canada.”

CEMI is recognized globally as an innovator in mining, exploration, mining engineering and environmental sustainability. It helps companies and organizations looking for industry-focused mining innovation support. CEMI, with a track record of innovations and collaborative networks in mine productivity, mine construction and high-stress conditions, led the way in establishing Canada’s first UDMN.