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Abatement program boon to contractors (05/04)

The building of Inco's Super Stack in 1972 is regarded as the single most important innovation in improving Sudbury's air quality.

Energy-wise staff help save $20M (11/03)

A joint effort between management and staff at Inco Ltd. has helped the company realize over $20 million in energy savings over the past four years. Inco Ltd. has taken a lead in energy conservation and has recently been awarded for its efforts.

Superior winds of change (01/05)

Superior Wind Energy received the long-awaited green light in late November to begin the process of building a wind farm near Sault Ste. Marie.

Russia ratifies Kyoto, Mikro-Tek rejoices (01/05)

The impending international ratification of the Kyoto Protocol has given renewed hope to a Timmins-based biotechnology company.

Protocol promises bumpy ride to Kyoto (03/05)

Northern Ontario industry leaders are awaiting more details from the federal government on their approach to curb global warming.

Crown lands open window for wind power (03/05)

The opening up of Crown properties to wind power development has opened a door for a North Bay consultant. Terry Wojick owns Northern Wind Power, a wind assessment firm.

First Nation on cutting edge (01/05)

Pic River First Nation considers itself an Aboriginal trailblazer, moving towards achieving economic self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship.

Joint venture plots wind park (4/03)

Sailboaters and cottagers on Lake Superior know all too well of the power behind the prevailing northwesterly winds that sweep across the great lake.

Upgrades open floodgates for economy (03/05)

Improvements to drinking water supplies create a pipeline connecting directly into the economic development of a community.

Could peat meet energy needs? (09/05)

Peat Resources wants the Ontario government to join Finland, Ireland and other European countries in burning peat as a clean alternative to coal.