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Post-production partnership a big boost for the North's film industry

Three-company arrangement allows for more script-to-final product work to stay in the region
NOFS movie scene 1
Northern Ontario Film Studios' turn-of-the-century town set outside North Bay (Supplied)

Sudbury-based Northern Ontario Film Studios (NOFS) has announced three new partnerships to boost the film industry in Northern Ontario, offering post-production services to Sudbury and North Bay and allowing more work to stay local. 

All three companies involved in the partnership — Picture Shop, which is Streamland Media’s picture division, Parachute North Post Production and WMB post — will be housed in NOFS’s facilities across the North. 

Established in Sudbury in 2012, NOFS is the first and only film studio in Northern Ontario which provides studio space, productions offices, grip/electric rentals, as well as prop, set and star wagon rentals. 

Since their inception, NOFS has served more than 100 film and television productions in the North. 

“I’ve been involved in over 70 film and television projects over the course of my career and having locally available post-production talent of this calibre right here in the North is great,” said David Anselmo, strategic business development for NOFS, in a news release.

“Being able to offer them the flexibility of multiple facilities in the region to work from will give these service companies the competitive advantage over the others and will allow their professional services to extend throughout the entire region.”

Picture Shop, the picture division of Streamland Media, is an award-winning, worldwide post production house offering colour, editorial, dailies, unscripted sound, and mastering and restoration services to the entertainment industry. 

Picture Shop has an existing eight-year partnership with NOFS, and is currently based out of their Sudbury studio, and will be expanding to the NOFS North Bay studio. 

Parachute North Post-Production is an award-winning post production sound team specializing in the artistic editorial process of crafting soundscapes, with a reputation for attention to detail and client services, cultivated over the last 25 years. 

WMB Post Production Services North was formed with the express purpose of expanding the level of post production services in Northern Ontario. They are involved in budgeting, scheduling, editorial team selection, VFX planning and delivery and they can also AVID edit systems, and training, when required. 

NOFS continues to grow in its offerings with the second office and stage opening in North Bay in 2015, and with their permanent turn-of-the-century town, built on the outskirts of North Bay at a cost of almost $2 million. 

In total, NOFS offers 70,000 square feet and 60 acres of studio space available to the film and television industry across Northern Ontario.