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Proponents named for provincial construction contracts

By: Northern Ontario Business staff

MHPM Project Managers Inc. and SNC-Lavalin O&M have been jointly selected to deliver infrastructure construction projects for the province over the next five years.

The pair has been contracted under Infrastructure Ontario, which oversees construction and improvement projects on properties owned and leased by the province.

MHPM is headquartered in Ottawa and will focus its efforts on projects in eastern, central and southwestern Ontario, while SNC-Lavalin O&M, which is based out of Toronto, will focus on projects in Northern Ontario and downtown Toronto.

SNC-Lavalin has Northern Ontario offices in Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

Over the five-year term of the contract, the companies will oversee the delivery of approximately 1,500 construction and improvement projects worth an estimated $180 million annually. These projects will involve the renovations, repairs, and replacements required to maintain the real estate portfolio or to meet specific program requirements of government ministries and the broader public sector.

Together, MHPM and SNC-Lavalin O&M will engage small- and medium-sized Ontario businesses for the provision of products and services to meet the needs of the Ontario government.

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