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What stands out at Alamos Gold? Having a good culture and crews that click

Alamos Gold sets the bar high for company culture and workplace safety

Alamos Gold, now celebrating its 20th year, stands as a testament to what can be achieved through teamwork, dedication, innovation, and a strong emphasis on core values. This milestone doesn’t merely represent two decades of business; it symbolizes 20 years of community, a good culture, and a shared vision, perfectly embodied by the motto “Thrive With Us”.

Reflecting on this occasion, John McCluskey, CEO of Alamos Gold, remarked, "Since 2003, our employees have contributed to the prosperity and well-being of our company and society." His words reflect the gratitude and acknowledgment of a great culture that has been pivotal to the company's journey.

“Safety, teamwork, environmental sustainability, integrity and commitment” aren't just words scribbled in a company handbook; they are principles deeply ingrained in the fabric of Alamos Gold's identity. A walk through the bustling operations of the Company or an in-depth conversation with any team member can attest to this ethos.

Sarah Mulvenna, the Occupational Health Services Superintendent at Island Gold, beautifully encapsulates the essence of the Alamos spirit. “The culture’s wonderful. It’s really inviting," she notes. "It’s like our own little family. It’s a home away from home.” Such sentiment is echoed throughout the firm. The sense of belonging and unity is what differentiates Alamos from other industry players.

Luc Guimond, Chief Operation Officer of Alamos Gold, underscores the diversity and collaboration that drive the company. “There's a real broad cross section of people to be able to run the business we run on an everyday basis,” he says, emphasizing the rewarding and challenging nature of his work.

One might ask what's at the heart of Alamos' success. According to Joshua Fortes, Engineer at Island Gold, it's the genuine consideration for each individual's voice, especially regarding health and safety. “I personally think that our voices are heard, the workers' voices are heard, and we do a terrific job with health and safety,” says Fortes.

But what about the passion and zeal employees feel toward their roles? Mathew Stevens, Electrical Planner at Island Gold, brings it home with his statement. “We have a good crew, and everybody clicks. By the end of my week off, I'm looking forward to coming back to work. Honestly!”

John McCluskey, CEO of Alamos Gold, succinctly captures the essence of Alamos' ethos and mission with these words: "At Alamos, our global presence is underscored by a commitment to the highest environmental, social, and governance standards. Our foundation lies in creating a safe workplace, fostering employees' career growth, ensuring brighter futures for the communities we touch, and staunchly upholding environmental sustainability. We envision a world where shared value is generated for all stakeholders. It's this dedication to operational excellence, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship that our global family and partners have come to anticipate from Alamos Gold."

Interested in starting a career at one of Alamos Gold’s Ontario mines? Apply here!

At the heart of it, Alamos Gold isn’t merely a mining company; it’s a community built on trust, dedication, and mutual respect. Here's to another 20 years of success, growth, and unparalleled commitment to values. Cheers to Alamos Gold!