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Underground exhibition coming to NORCAT

“Mining Transformed 2022” the first event of its kind

The Canadian mining industry is one of the most innovative industrial sectors in the world, so it only makes sense that an upcoming exhibition targeting miners and mining companies is equally innovative.

September 26 through 29th, the NORCAT Underground Centre will be hosting the world’s first tech exhibition in an underground operating mine.

Over the course of four days, an estimated 50 companies at the “Mining Transformed 2022” exhibition will be able to connect with hundreds of people in the mining industry to showcase their products and innovative mining technologies in an ecosystem like no other in the world. These will include on-site demonstrations both underground and on the surface of a variety of products and technologies, including everything from ventilating and on-demand monitoring systems to tele-remote and autonomous vehicle operation.

For local companies like Maestro Digital Mine, taking part in the world’s first underground exhibition provides an exceptional opportunity to connect with potential buyers while showcasing their high-tech mining products.

“We’re happy to be able to be a part of this event so people can interact with our new technologies,” said Nataly Argüello, Marketing Manager of Maestro Digital Mine, a Sudbury-based mining company celebrating 10 years of providing high-tech mining solutions. “It’s a big deal for the mining industry.”

As part of its involvement in the exhibition, Maestro Digital Mine has installed extra airflow and gas sensors in key areas of the mine. They will also be installing 1.8 kilometres of its Plexus PowerNet™ system, which delivers a high speed, low latency digital communication network providing PoE+ power to Wireless Access Points (WAPs), cameras and any other IP based device. The system eliminates the need for costly outside fiber optic contractors and can be installed and maintained by any internal tradesperson. Monitoring of the devices can be done from surface via MaestroLink Server™, which will be visible on a display located close to the entrance to the surface building.

“The Plexus network will offer data and power through one cable so everyone will have wifi and connection to the different devices underground during the exhibition,” said Argüello.

Planning for the “Mining Transformed 2022” event has been in the works for a few years but was delayed through the COVID-19 pandemic. Argüello said the NORCAT Underground Centre is the perfect location for such an event given its reputation as a leader in mining education and innovative integration of new technologies.

Companies or individuals interested in attending the event can learn more by visiting the event website found online here

Maestro Digital Mine manufactures industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) devices and last mile digital networks for the underground mining sector. Their products and solutions deliver worker safety and productivity improvements while reducing the mines energy and greenhouse gas footprint. Maestro’s core purpose is to enhance lives by the pursuit of safety excellence and productivity.

For more information about Maestro Digital Mine visit them online.