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Sunwire is making it easier for organizations to acquire telecommunication services

Businesses can now sign up for Sunwire Phone and Internet services directly online.

Northern Ontario businesses have long struggled to find fast, reliable, affordable and efficient telecommunication services. Sudbury-based provider, Sunwire Inc., is looking to help fill that void while also simplifying the process of getting connected. Whether you’re a new business needing to setup phone and internet services or an established organization looking to switch toward more efficient and affordable services – Sunwire is ready to answer the call.

“Sunwire offers a range of different types of internet services as well as phone solutions that include: SIP trunking, phone lines and phone systems. By providing these offerings in the format of an easy-to-follow online sign-up – we’re able to streamline the ordering process,” says Derrick Chartrand, Sunwire’s Director of Communications. “Our Online Sign-Up for Business presents organizations with the services and products available in their area. From there, they can customize their solution to fit their needs. The process also makes it clear, at a glance, exactly what services the client is getting and what they’ll be paying.”

Empowering its clients is something Sunwire has always believed in. Originally founded as a software development firm, Sunwire has retained its development roots in order to better serve its clients and assist its employees. The team has the ability to create unique and customized tools to improve its operations as well as roll out a positive customer service experience.

The new Online Sign Up for Business is suited for organizations of all sizes. Alex Levesque, VP of Sales elaborates, “Whether you’re a new or small business that requires reliable internet with a couple phone sets or you’re a large enterprise that needs dedicated fibre optic internet with hundreds of phone lines across multiple cities and offices – we simplify the process.

For the decision-makers or business owners who aren’t ready to make the jump to Sunwire – the online sign-up process also allows customers to build their solution, obtain a quote and then Request a Callback from a Sunwire representative for further discussion.”

Levesque goes on to say that this is the first phase of what Sunwire hopes will become a more in-depth self-serving system for its clients. “At this time, organizations can quickly and easily sign up for Business Phone Service, Phone Lines, Cable Internet, Fibre Internet and SIP Trunking services. We’re working on adding more of our offerings in the future.” The goal is to provide a seamless, streamlined transition to greater telecommunication services for all types of organizations.

Sunwire’s Online Sign Up for Business is active on their website and ready to take businesses to the next level. To learn more, visit:

About Sunwire Inc.

Sunwire Inc. was founded as a software development firm in 2009, achieving early success by developing a state-of-the-art telecommunication platform – the SolSwitch. The SolSwitch has since gone on to process over 1 billion telephone calls for tens of thousands of homes and businesses across Canada. Due to the quick success of the SolSwitch platform, and to complement its telephone offerings, Sunwire added business Internet to its portfolio of services. In 2016, Sunwire introduced high-speed Home Internet and Home Phone service to Greater Sudbury. Shortly thereafter, Sunwire expanded its footprint throughout other Northern Ontario communities followed by Southern Ontario regions. Today, Sunwire offers phone and Internet services to satisfied residential and business clients across Ontario and beyond. To learn more about how Sunwire can help your organization or to sign up for business telecommunication services, visit today!