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Sudbury telecom rep recognized as the top performer in Canada

For Spectrum Telecom Group, it’s back to business with Motorola Canada

For the past 25 years, Shelley Fox has been helping Sudbury businesses navigate the world of telecommunications for their teams. Today, Spectrum Telecom Group announced that Fox has been recognized by Motorola Canada as the number one sales performer in Canada. 

“Nearly all businesses in Northern Ontario require remote communications whether it be Motorola Two Way Radios for mines, mills, plants and public safety or for satellite communications for our natural resources,” says Geoff Hatton, President and CEO of Spectrum. “When it comes to communications, Shelley has excelled as an ambassador for the customers of Spectrum Telecom Group. We congratulate her on this well-deserved award.”   

To those around Fox, it’s no coincidence that she’s earned this honour.  

Highly respected amongst her peers in the industry, Shelley is an active participant at manufacturer events and is often sought after for her advice and knowledge in sales and marketing of two-way radios. Similarly, her customers have been loyal to her for decades. 

"Shelley is the type of person that puts care into everything she does, both for our company and for our customers. She is often the first one here and the last one to lock up - this award is a true reflection of the care Shelley puts into her career day after day,” says Hatton. “On behalf of everyone at Spectrum I congratulate her on this prestigious achievement." 

In addition to her individual award, Shelley has contributed to several industry awards the Spectrum Telecom Group team has recently won. Spectrum was recognized in 2020 as the Motorola Partner Empower Award Winner and is the 17th largest dealer in all of North America; quite the achievement for a company based solely in Northern Ontario with a population under 1 million.  

The impact of COVID-19 and the need to work remotely has increased the need for telecommunications for businesses in Greater Sudbury. For more information on the latest solutions visit or visit one of 5 Spectrum Telecom’s branches. 

“Spectrum is excited about the future,” says Hatton. “We have many new solutions in telecom such as cellular two-way radios, electronic logbooks and GPS fleet management.” 

When you are ready to get back to business, give Shelley a call for telecom solutions for your next project, plant shut down or rental event. You can also visit her at our Sudbury branch where you will be greeted by Shelley's friendly smile.  

" When customers reach out to us or especially when they are willing to drive to our business and walk up our front steps to ask about our products and services, that is a huge compliment,” says Fox. “And in return, they deserve to get the very best customer service from us."