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Spectrum Telecom's logical acquisition: Paving the way for innovation in wireless solutions

2024 partnerships are poised to break new ground in wireless communication

In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications and wireless solutions, strategic partnerships and acquisitions often signal a new era of innovation and expansion. Spectrum Telecom, a prominent player in the industry renowned for its industry leading wireless solutions, recently made headlines with its acquisition of Logic Control Technologies Inc. “Logic Controls” a move poised to expand the company's product offerings and service capabilities.

Originally opening its doors in the early 90’s in four Northeastern cities to become the local Authorized Service Dealership for MOTOROLA they quickly became one of MOTOROLA Largest regional dealers in all of Canada. The company has expanded over the years becoming an ISP Provider when they launched NETSPECTRUM. The companies forward thinking approach to keep our services in house was evident when they launched their own Tower Rigging Division, the need for this niche industry was apparent when they started building out their radio and internet network throughout Northern Ontario. Not only did they construct towers for themselves, but they become the “go to” resource for many large corporate organizations and mine sites.

The acquisition of Logic Controls this past year by Spectrum Telecom marks a significant milestone, indicative of the company's forward-looking approach towards enhancing its portfolio and meeting the evolving needs of its customers in 2024 and beyond.

Geoff Hatton, President of Spectrum Telecom states “This acquisition is aligned with our previous investment in Steel Communications and our AVS (Audio Video Security) division. With a focus on CCTV, Access Control, and specifically the Salto Systems line, we are well positioned to continue to grow this division. Salto is aligned with Motorola Solutions as it is a preferred partner in the Avigilon Access Control Ecosystem. This investment will complement our portfolio of communications business in Healthcare, Education and Industry and further diversifies our company. The combination of Spectrum Telcom and Logic Controls will provide our customers with more options, complimentary systems and improved integrations with their telecom products and services. “

Spectrum Telecom's acquisition of Logic Controls represents more than a mere business transaction. This union presents an exciting opportunity for the integration of products and services. The combination of Spectrum Telecom's established solutions with Logic Controls' innovative technologies is set to create a more comprehensive suite of offerings, catering to a wider spectrum of consumer and enterprise needs.

By leveraging Logic Controls' technological prowess, Spectrum Telecom is gearing up to introduce a new wave of wireless solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of their clientele.

As Spectrum Telecom looks ahead to 2024, the integration of Logic Controls' expertise and technology sets the stage for a transformative journey, where innovation and customer satisfaction will remain at the forefront of their endeavors. This strategic alliance is poised to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of wireless communication and propel Spectrum Telecom to new heights of success.

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