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Solving for safer everywhere with AI

Artificial intelligence is set to improve security technology

Artificial Intelligence is at the fore front of most discussions these days and with more business investing in video surveillance and access control it only makes sense to ensure that the two are integrated and automated.

Spectrum Telecom, Northern Ontario’s Leader in Wireless Solutions offers businesses solutions to enhance safety and communications. AVIGILON end-to-end security solutions are designed to use a variety of high-resolution cameras, comprehensive access control and leading-edge MOTOROLA radios or mobile communications technology, along with self-learning video analytics and artificial intelligence. These flexible cloud-native and on-premise solutions help you detect threats more accurately, analyze data more efficiently, communicate more efficiently, and respond to incidents more decisively.

Quick and effective emergency response is paramount in ensuring safety or enhancing security so an operation can optimize their emergency response. To do this, early detection is the key to prevention. Threats can arise anywhere and there is no way to cover everything all the time, especially with limited resources. With the right technology in place, personnel can see what is happening live or historically and act decisively to protect.

Strategically deployed video cameras, wireless access control from industry leaders like Salto and AVIGILON intelligent video analytics provide immediate insight into who is in the facility, where they have been, and where they are headed. AI-enabled analytics that automatically process data and learn from patterns direct attention to abnormal events, helping your team to stay ahead of potential threats.

Policy violations trigger automated alerts which are instantly sent out to your selected Emergency Responders. With analytical data you can run a photo of a “Suspect” through your historical data, allowing you to quickly gather the information needed to prevent future incidents by having a person or vehicle flagged as an “ALERT” and be immediately notified upon their next arrival.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) equipment and software read and log license plates, creating a searchable index of vehicles on your premises. Access to plate numbers and any associated information can be restricted to specific staff members using data privacy rules.

Access control systems can be the key ingredient to the newly refined “Solving for Safety” ecosystem. Working in conjunction with video and sophisticated analytics, Access Control Solutions create a secure area of a facility by defining the credentials required for admission, programming times for appropriate access, and triggering alerts and actions.

An example of this application is if a door is forced open or an unauthorized person enters a school, it can be immediately placed under lock down. Patients can be prevented from wandering in a Nursing home by locking a door unless an ID badge is within the vicinity. Take it a step further and key staff members are immediately informed via Motorola radios, or visual alerts.

The security technologies that SPECTRUM TELECOM has to offer are endless. The new HALO Smart Sensor can be used to monitor for air (vaping) and sound-based (glass break) anomalies where security cameras are not allowed, such as bathrooms sending alerts to control stations or devices.

In conclusion, Motorola's safety and security ecosystem is building and connecting technologies that help make it safer everywhere.

Spectrum Telecom is delivering these solutions to help protect people, property and places by combining people and technology throughout Northern Ontario.