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Northern Ontario mining cluster provides marketing opportunities to member businesses

MineConnect offers priceless marketing opportunities in a competitive market
Mine connect_in the field

MineConnect, Ontario’s Mining Supply and Service Association, connects northern Ontario businesses with opportunities both locally and globally. The member-led organization plays an essential role in connecting their members with tangible connections in the global mining industry. 

“Our job is to connect our members to opportunities, whether it be through leads, partnerships, government contacts, information or market intelligence,” explains Marla Tremblay, Executive Director of MineConnect.

Variety of Marketing Opportunities Available to MineConnect Members

One of the ways that MineConnect serves their members is by helping them to market their businesses successfully in the competitive worldwide mining industry. They use a variety of marketing outlets in order to ensure that their members are connecting with the right people. 

Social Media:

MineConnect offers social media how-to tutorials through their YouTube channel to assist their members in creating engaging posts. They also share their member’s social media posts through their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in order to increase the exposure of each post. 

MineConnect News:

MineConnect News is another way in which the organization supports their members. This industry-specific publication highlights member businesses and encourages connections between members and the global industry. Members can easily submit stories by completing a MineConnect News submission form or simply sending in a pre-written media release.

Trade Show Representation:

MineConnect attends various industry tradeshows in order to encourage connections between their members and key industry contacts. They create relationships with local and global industry players and forward relevant leads directly back to their members. 

Benefits of Membership go Beyond Marketing

With the support of MineConnect’s leadership, member businesses are working together to grow their businesses and push the boundaries of the mining industry. The marketing support that MineConnect offers is only one of the many benefits of membership. 

Members gain access to leads, make connections with key mining personnel, are invited to attend member-only events, have access to media distribution, and take advantage of inbound and out bound trade missions. 

“Membership is an easy and affordable way to get your message in front of prospects. We have strength in numbers and being part of a consortium with other well-established MSS companies lends enhanced credibility. It also provides a foot in the door with other members,” says Marla.  

For more information about MineConnect, visit them online or call (705) 521-8324 ext. 335. MineConnect is located at 1545 Maley Drive in Greater Sudbury.