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New online forum allows contractors to post CSPs and other notices at a lower price

Link2Build is a new construction-industry portal owned and operated by seven of Ontario’s local construction associations, including NOCA
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Brad Issac, Executive Director, NOCA is a new construction-industry portal owned and operated by seven of Ontario’s local construction associations, including the Northeastern Ontario Construction Association (NOCA). In addition to publishing daily news articles about goings-on in and around the construction industry, Link2Build will be a hub for plans and specifications posted across the province, and will offer contractors and owners a new forum to publish mandatory legal notices, such as Certificates of Substantial Performance (CPS)—at a price of less than half of what some publications charge. All the fees charged for publishing CSPs on the site are returned directly to the seven members of the Link2Build alliance and thereby you are supporting Northern Ontario. 
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There is a new way to post your Certificates of Substantial Performance (CSPs) and other notices required by Ontario law under the Construction Act.  

NOCA has joined forces with six other local construction associations in Ontario to form the Link2Build alliance. As part of a joint operation, the site offers the opportunity to post CSPs—at a rate of less than half what some incumbent publications are charging. Additionally, NOCA and Link2Build have obtained expert legal opinion that confirms that publishing these notices to the site meets all Ontario statutory requirements.
Any company will now pay just $199 to post legal notices such as:

  • Certificates of Substantial Performance
  • Notices of Non-Payment of Holdback
  • Notices of Termination
  • Certificates of Completion of Subcontract
  • Notices of Intention to Register a Condominium

Link2Build allows posters to complete certificate forms and pay for notices online. Once these steps are complete, the notice is published immediately to the website and it remains there indefinitely for archival purposes. Should you wish, the Link2Build website also allows you to provide instant email notification to all subcontractor and supplier partners on your project—to make them aware of exactly when your notice was published, and when their lien rights will expire.
“I encourage all Northern Ontario Construction Companies to publish your CSPs and other notices with,” says Brad Isaac, Executive Director, NOCA. “Unlike other for-profit entities, Link2Build is maintained by seven of Ontario’s largest and most influential local construction associations. The money you pay to post CSPs and other notices on our site is returned directly to our group members—associations like ours. By filling your CSPs with Link2Build you are supporting Northern Ontario.”
To learn more about posting legal notices with Link2Build or for instant access to the latest construction industry news and plans and specifications for projects across the province, visit

For more information on NOCA visit or call 705-673-5619.